ZA Nights..

TGIF. My days are usually very hectic, Sophia and I are always on the run. Always. She is definitely my partner in crime. By the time Friday finally rolls around all I can think about is taking the easy way out with…..dinner. Not that I do not enjoy cooking and coming up with different recipes to share, but I like to designate Fridays to Pizza night or ZA if you are a scrabble player. Next time you have odd letters and you happen to have a “Z,” in the mix,  make ZA, it is an easy eleven points unless your get happen to get lucky enough triple word score or a double letter. ZA works every time.


Half pepperoni & all mushroom!


She starts here….


And ends here! The orange balls are carrots from last nights dinner!


I am currently listening to Mandy Moore “Candy,” on Pandora hoping that it will give me my last burst of energy. Except it is giving me flashbacks of the movie Center Stage and Coopers ass as Jody watches him dance in front of her at the Broadway studio. Anyone remember that?…..needs drying. Never ends….Happy Friday!





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