Apple Cookie Snacks


Two of Sophia’s favorite things to eat are Apples and Peanut Butter. Every time we go grocery shopping I always end up buying a bunch of apples and then she ends up eating one while we grocery shop. Hey, I am not going to complain it is heathy! So while thinking of different fun and healthy snacks for Sophia and I, I thought why don’t I just make “Apple Cookies.” And use peanut butter as the icing. So this is what I came up with!

What you need:

1 Apple

Peanut Butter (I used about 1/2 tsp.of Peanut Butter per apple slice)

Any kind of toppings you want


Slice your apples like this! You can use any apple your heart desires…my favorites are Pink Lady Apples & Honeycrip. If you are curious we are currently using McIntosh Apples.


Applying the Peanut Butter can be a little tricky, because with the juices from the apple the Peanut Butter does not instantly adhere to the apple. My suggestion is work in layers, once you get a base just build up on it. It does get easier as you work.


The first one I put Coconut Chips from the brand The Nutbox & Dark Chocolate Chips!


This one I of course added the Dark Chocolate Chips, but then decided to add some Blueberry Crumble- Granola with flax. I literally eat this Blueberry Crumble all the time, I even make cereal out of it!


I added a pop of color to this one! This is Sophia’s!! This one has the Cocnut Chips, Dark Chocolate Chips & I added sprinkles! If your child is anything like mine she ate the toppings first & the apple was the last to go. She loved the sprinkles.


The 3 contestants! The winner…..drumroll….okay so I just had a mental visual of the scene from National Lampoo’s Christmas Vacation when Clark had his entire family in the front yard to show them the Christmas lights and they had them do drumroll. Anyways, I loved the one with the Blueberry Crumble, Sophia immediately went after the one with the Sprinkles. It is the most fun one!


And there she goes!

What I love most about this snack is that it is super easy! I had everything in my kitchen, and you can use any type of toppings you want. This would be a fun and easy snack to prepare with your kinds on rainy summer days. Be Creative!

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