Defeated by Gardening Rascals Part.2


Okay. I wish I could tell you that we have given up on growing broccoli..given up on our thirty pound porker and just moved on. But that is not the case. We are desperate to catch this groundhog. If you have not read the first post I recommend you do, you can find it here Defeated by Gardening Rascals.


So desperate that we have surrendered a potential broccoli plant in the back of his cage (humane cage). Hoping that this sucker will squeeze his fat ass in the cage and go after the broccoli plant. It would be a win-win situation for the both of us. He gets to eat more broccoli and we get to drive him 30 miles away and drop him off…..but..

The sucker probably recognizes the cage…so the jokes on us….we even..


Made it easier on him…it’s right in from of his “home,” under the shed. There isn’t even a bite mark on any leaves from outside of the cage…nothing. Where did he go?

He is MIA literally, he has not been spotted in days.

We will probably catch a skunk…wouldn’t that be a kick in the pants.

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