Impromptu Day Trip


Sophia and I had a very impromptu day trip to Keystone State Park. My niece Savannah stayed over my house a few days this week to go swimming with us. When it was time for her to go home my sister invited us to go Keystone with them. So that meant we skipped out on our usual day at the pool. We packed a duffle bag filled with bug spray, sunblock, blankets, towels etc along with our cooler filled with tons of water bottles and fruit. And off we went, thankfully I only live about 40 minutes away so the drive wasn’t to bad and Sophia was able to get a nap in.


It was so beautiful to watch this man entertain his children, they were having a ball. I couldn’t resist from taking a photo.


Before the fun began




Timmy also turned 12 too! I remember when he was born, it definitely went to fast! He is growing up to be such a wonderful young man. We love you Timmy. Also photographed in this photo is his baby sister Makenna and my sister Crystal.


Watermelon Break! Sophia loves her watermelon, well fruit in general.


I love this little face! She is my entire world, I am so in love with my little girl.

We had a blast at Keystone State Park yesterday. There is so much that you can do there from fishing to camping. I am so glad we had the opportunity to go there, because it was definitely on my bucket list this summer for Sophia.

What is on your summer bucket list this year?

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