Meet Jimmy


Meet Jimmy! This is my  dog;  I adopted him from FAPS in Fayetteville, North Carolina three years ago. At that point in my life I was really wanting a dog, after we had to put my dog Bella down due to congestive heart failure two year earlier I always wanted another dog.

I decided to adopt a dog basically on a whim, but had every intention of getting one in the future. If you have never done this before it is the most pitiful thing to do, to pick out a dog to possibly bring home. They look up at you with those big eyes just pleading for you to bring them home.  He was this little  seven pound dog shaking and crying in his dog pen. I instantly started to cry and I knew he was the one; I could bring him home (a very slow two weeks).




Jimmy had a really rough beginning. At the time of adoption he was about eight months old. His previous owners were physically abusive towards him. When the FAPS rescue team found him, he had a broken leg that was healing back broken, a bladder infection and was dehydrated. When he had surgery they had to re-break his leg and put a pin in it.

Now, he is a healthier & happier dog! He barks at all the neighbors as they walk their dogs, he steals Sophia’s toys and loves to try to chase birds. Yes, he is very mischievous I can’t stress that anymore.

Sophia loves him, she refers to him Ninny or ‘nuninny.” I always say she give his extra syllables because he is extra special to her.

Jimmy on his way home after we adopted him!




Sophia loves her Jimmy!

I hope everyone has a really awesome weekend!

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