DIY Birthday Board!

Last year when Sophia was turning one I loved the birthday chalk boards that swamped my Pinterest page. The thought of ordering one was really tempting and convenient, but knowing that I could make one for about twelve dollars was even more appealing.

Plus making it yourself gives it more personal touch, and you can design it anyway you like.

What You’ll Need:

Black Foam Board

Crayola Metallic Markers





I always do an outline before I start using the markers, one section at a time. So any misspelled words can be erased.


I have the tendency of start with the top section first. I just find that easier to get everything properly aligned.

img_4562Then I work my way down the middle and the sides are my last part.

img_4605This is the finished product!

I enjoy seeing what a one year difference can make!

Have you ever made one?

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