Our Daytona, Florida Trip


Sophia and I recently came back from week long vacation in Daytona, Florida. This is my first time back to Florida in about ten years and Sophia’s first time. Except this isn’t her first time to the beach, we took her last year to Myrtle Beach, North Carolina about a week before she turned a year old.

Sophia fortunately traveled very well going down to Florida. She was very captivated by all the planes and the people that flooded the airports, that she was hardly bored.

I was so grateful.


This is Sophia on Sunday morning the day after we arrived. I often wonder what was running through her mind looking out (btw there was someone standing to the right of her and I was behind her, she was not on the balcony by herself).


Our first full day at the beach was an absolute blast. Sophia is like a fish. Seriously. She ran into the water as if she lives at the beach. I was in absolute shock. Last year she was the same exact way, but I was a little skeptical due to the fact that she is a year older and more aware of her surroundings. The waves or the salt water in her eyes did not phase her in the slightest.

I believe I am a bigger baby than she is when it comes to salt water in your eyes. She brushed it off like it was no big deal.

Everyday down on the beach there were two food trucks, the one sold ice cream and the other sold items like Cheeseburgers, French Fries etc. Sophia became hooked on French Fries and Cheese with Ketchup. You had to have Ketchup on them!

The one time I forgot the Ketchup and she ate her Pappy’s French Fries. So I ended up giving mine to my brother.


The one day it did nothing but rain and rain and rain! All day!

But Sophia and I did sneak down to the beach for about fifteen minutes before it started to pour. I personally would have never went down to the beach but Sophia kept chanting “Pool..Pool.” Meaning mom take me down to the beach so I can play. Once it started to rain really hard to the point were it was stinging your all over your body, we bolted back to the resort.

“We bolted,” meaning “I bolted,” I was carrying Sophia in my arms, along with all of our beach towels and beach toys. With the wind blowing around 40 mph.

THEN you have to use your room key to unlock the gate to enter the pool area. Mine was buried in soaked beach bag under all the beach towels and toys.

Thankfully, someone opened the gate up from the other side for us.


Meet Spiceman! That’s his nick name of course, his real name is John. He has a couple different positions at the resort one is making these sand art plaques for the resort guests and the other is playing in his band locally.


He even showed Sophia how to clean the sand sculptures!


“I belive I can fly….”


img_4815In her Bubba Gump shoes! We got caught in the rain!

img_4780 img_4784





We decided to visit St. Augustine one afternoon. It is one of my favorite places to visit in Florida. If you have never been there before I highly recommend it! It sort of reminds me of New Orleans in a way. There is tons of history, shopping and restaurants. It can be sort of romantic.

img_20160915_171555Sophia and I at the San Sebastian Wine Tour. My eyes are glowing and she has no shoes on, but I still love this photo.

If you are in St. Augustine before you go to the actual city, stop at the San Sebastian Winery and do a free wine tour. Their wine is amazing! It’s FREE and they can ship wine to your house for you! How convenient!


Meet Tequila! Isn’t he beautiful! He reminds me of my very first dog Bimbo also known as Mr. Bim.


Sophia is always making friends with animals. If I could chose her profession in the future I would have to say a veterinarian. She just has a natural deep love for animals.



The oldest wooden school house in the U.S.A in St. Augustine, Florida. Who knew!


The last day at the beach! Sophia with her Pappy.


Sophia and Nana! She is such a Nana’s girl!


Sophia is fearless! She walks out there like she has lived at the beach her entire life.

My goal is to get her to the beach once a year, because it makes me happy to watch her enjoy herself at the beach. I hope she always does.

I personally really loved going to the beach in September, especially if you know it is going to be hot… like Florida. Going to the beach in September is a great way to wrap up the entire summer and to look for to fall.

Do you have any trips coming up? Where did you go this summer?

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