A Quick Lunch


I love cooking, especially for Sophia. She recently just turned two years and has quite the pallet. It’s not anything for her to eat Italian Olives as if they were candy.

Being a mom of a toddler that is here, there and everywhere within seconds makes it more challenging to cook food that takes a little longer to prepare. There are some days that we will eat grapes, cheese and crackers for lunch.

Whatever is fastest and easiest.

What about when you want to add some vegetables to lunch? I got just the answer!

A few weeks ago we had some left over rice and mixed vegetables from the previous dinner. My mom suggested that I throw it all in a frying pan with a little bit of butter; season it with salt and pepper. Then throw an egg in, and call it lunch.

That’s exactly what I did. And we love it!

It’s to quick and good for me not to share with you!

What You Need:

1 pkg. of Frozen Rice (whatever brand you like)

1 pkg. of Frozen Vegetables (whatever brand you like)

1  TBSP of Butter (salted)

1/2  Vegetable Oil

2 whole eggs

Salt & Pepper to taste

What To Do:

  1. For the frozen items follow their microwaveable instructions on the back of their bags.
  2. Once your rice and mixed vegetables are done. Get your frying pan hot. Place your oil and butter in the frying pan. Don’t burn the butter. If the butter and oil spit at you, turn down the heat.
  3. Throw your rice and mixed vegetables into the frying pan. Stir quite frequently for about 2 to 3 minutes.
  4. Prepare your eggs; like how you would if you were making scrambled eggs. Then pour egg mixture over top of the vegetables. And stir.
  5. Once your eggs are cooked; add some salt and pepper.

And Enjoy!

*Please Note: You can use sesame oil in replace of vegetable oil. Also I only use 1/2 bag of the rice and vegetables when I make it for Sophia and I. This recipe also makes great leftovers!*

Do you have any quick lunch ideas to share?



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