Hocus Pocus Inspired S’mores Pops!


It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus!

“BOOOOOOOOOOOOK!” That is what was going through my mind as I was making these late last night.

If you have ever seen the movie Hocus Pocus with Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy then you will certainly recognize Bette Midler’s “one-eyed spell book.”

This recipe originated from a website called Delish. Since I am a huge Hocus Pocus fan I knew I had to make them.

What You Need:

12 Graham Cracker, halved

Marshmallow Fluff

3 Cups of Semi – Sweet Chocolate Chips

3 Tbsp. Coconut Oil (I used Canola Oil)

1 Bag of Candy Eyes

1 Container of black cooking frosting ( I used Betty Crocker Cookie Icing in Black)

Parchment Paper


What To do:


Put some Marshmallow Fluff on one side of the Graham Cracker. Place a popsicle stick halfway on the Marshmallow Fluff.


Take the other half put a little more Marshmallow Fluff on the center of the cracker. Firmly press it on top of the popsicle stick. Don’t press to firm you do not want to break it. Make sure you line your baking sheet with Parchment Paper.

Once you have them all done, pop them in the fridge for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Get your chocolate ready. I didn’t do the double boiling method, I threw my chocolate in a microwave safe bowl on defrost. You have to check it about every 3o seconds and mix.  Once your chocolate is melted then add your oil. Mix really well.

*Do not burn your chocolate take your time and be patient*

I found that when you dip your graham crackers in the chocolate, leave the rest in the refrigerator and take them out one at a time.

Allow the excess chocolate to roll off, while holding the stick slightly tap your free hand on your wrist. It helps the chocolate out.


Eyes’ see you!!!!

Place an eye on top of your “BOOOOOOOOK,” and allow chocolate to harden. Once you have done all your spell books pop them back in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes.

This is the perfect opportunity to clean!


When chocolate becomes dull looking it has hardened.

I took my time when decorating. Using the Betty Crocker Cookie Icing is a little tricky, to be honest it is not the easiest to work with. I personally would have melted dark chocolate or dyed the chocolate black.

But at the end of the day I am very please by how they turned out!


“I Put a Spell on You and Now You’re Mine!”

Here is a quick video on how to make them!

Bette Midlers “BOOOOOOOOK,”  quick clips from the movie Hocus Pocus!

If you have children, you should definitely make these for them and have a mini Hocus Pocus party in your living room!

If you do make them I would love to see your creations!

You can send me photos to my email (contact me section) or twitter/instagram/snapchat: Sarah_BellaLife.

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