No Weight Gain Pumpkin Pie


Pie..Pie..Me Ohhhhh My!

Who here loves pie? But can’t stand the calories that come with it? Yes. That’s me alright, but my biggest weakness is Pumpkin Pie. I just..plain..flat out…love it. To me there isn’t pie out there that compares.

Oh I am getting cravings for it….focus Sarah focus…

Name this quote “Weight gain. Please. Yeah. Right. Me lose Control? You see these Eyes? You know what that is? Focus. That’s right…Well it’s contacts-and focus.”

The nice thing is with these Pumpkin Pies we don’t have to worry about calories or weight gain!

“Can I get a hallelujah?”

“HALLELUJAH STIFFLER!” I can’t stop movie quoting tonight.

Let me tell you how to make these calorie free and  100% guarantee no weight have Pumpkin Pie…banners…did I mention this is a Thanksgiving decoration?

Sorry folks I’m not that good of a baker to make something that awesome.

What You Need:

Paper Triangle Banner- Michael Arts & Crafts sells them


Cotton Balls

Black Sharpie

Elmers Glue or Hot Glue Gun

Deco Art Metallics-Copper Paint

Close Pins

Paint Brush


I thought this color paint for the Pumpkin Pie…so pretty!


I painted mine all the was up to the faint dotted line at the top. I only did one coat of paint.


They only took a few minutes to dry, but I allowed mine to dry out for about an hour. And if yours ends up looking like an orange elf shoe then do this….


Flip them over and place a heavier object on top of them for about an hour. I placed another heavy cutting board on top.


Add a curvy line to the top.


Then glue your cotton ball in the center for the whipped cream! I ended up using a hot glue gun. String them on using the paper clip to secure the pies to the string.


You have so many options as to how you want to display your Pumpkin Pie Banner! It would be really cute draped from the ceiling above your Thanksgiving dinner. Or even on a mantle.

You could even have them as name cards to your Thanksgiving dinner. Replace the curvy lines at the top with the persons name.

If you are a teacher you can have your kids makes these… have them write what they are thankful for on the front along with their names. Then string them above your chalk board. That’s what I would do if I was a teacher.

There are just so many options!

If you make these I would LOVE..LOVE…LOVE to see them! Please send me photos to my email (in my contact section) twitter…instagram…snapchat: Sarah_BellaLife

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