Homemade Vanilla Steamers


When I was pregnant with Sophia I completely cut out caffeine, except for when I dealt  with morning sickness..I did allow myself non-caffeinated Ginger Ale.

I am personally not a huge coffee drinker, I think that I may have two cups a week..maybe. So, cutting it out during pregnancy was not an issue.

If I met some friends at Starbucks for a coffee date, I was really stumped as to what to drink at the time. Until someone told me about Vanilla Steamers.

Then I had a Starbucks pregnancy drink!

The first time I had one was on a really cold night around 9:30 p.m. I was heading to downtown Pittsburgh to pick Adrian up at work. I bought one and loved it. Let’s just say Adrian didn’t get to try any himself, my cup was empty by the time I reached downtown.

So once a week for about 3 weeks I bought one. Party in my belly!

Until I had a brilliant.. beyond.. brilliant idea to try to make them myself!

And I did it!

I was able to alter the my original recipe to make it “healthier.” When I was pregnant with Sophia I was determined to gain no more than 20 pounds(I ended up gaining 16 pounds just in case you’re interested), so I would alter recipes to make them healthier.

For instance, instead of whole milk in a recipe I would use 2%.

I never do skim milk…never..2% is a stretch for me.

But for the sake of getting the recipe to taste like Starbucks we are not going to substitute anything…we are going to do it right!

What You Need:

1 Cup of Whole Milk

1 tsp. Vanilla

1 TBSP. Sugar

Pinch of Nutmeg

Pinch of Cinnamon

Cool Whip- Optional

How to Make it:

  1. Add all your ingredients into a pot on medium heat. Keep stirring mixture, until sugar has melted and all your ingredients are incorporated. Pour in your favorite mug or to-go-mug. Add cool whip on top for some extra indulgence!

And it is that easy!

This drink is a great pregnancy drink to drink at Starbucks especially if you are pregnant! Or if you want to have a day date with your child, but don’t want to give them all that caffeine!

In the summer Sophia enjoyed the Vanilla Bean Frapp. It is like the summer version of the Vanilla Steamer! No caffeine! It tastes like a vanilla milkshake!

I got all you expecting mama’s covered for winter and summer drinks at Starbucks!

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