Make This Recipe Tonight


I made the best Pot Roast last night for dinner, that I delayed a couple of other posts to share this recipe with you!

This is actually my 4th pot roast that I have ever made..

The degree in taste went from “ok this need more salt….ok this one needs something, but I am not sure what…ok my roasts never turn out like my moms.”

Until…I stumbled across this amazing recipe from Ree Drummond- Pioneer Woman

And boy was I happy!

I should have thought about checking out Pioneer Woman recipes..anything that I have ever made of her..I have really enjoyed.


I halved one onion…and a bunch of carrots. Sophia and I love carrots..I swear I can eat them like chocolate…



Caramelized my onion up…


Browned my carrots..mine took about 5 to 6 minutes to brown. It was so hard not to eat them.

I think I was a rabbit in my past life…just sayin’.


My veggies are nice brown and caramelized.


Before I started any kind of prep..I generously salted & peppered bother sides of my roast.


Nice & browned. It smelled absolutely amazing, you would have thought it was baking in the oven for hours.


I put half of an Onion & Rosemary sprig under the Roast just so that both sides get the flavors. During the cooking process I ended up adding more beef broth and also flipping the roast over.

This was such as awesome roast, I am definitely adding it into recipe book. It was served with Mashed Potatoes, I should have also made a salad.

What are you making for dinner tonight?

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