Oh Christmas Tree..


Growing up we always had a white Christmas Tree. I remember the reactions of friends when they saw our tree. Many were astonished that our Christmas Tree is white rather than green.

So I always knew one day I was going to have my own white Christmas Tree.

Typically I always have a ton of ornaments on our tree, but this year we brought out the non-breakables.

Sophia little hands seem to be in everything in a matter of two seconds.

Not that I blame her…I mean she’s exploring her boundaries.


Growing up we always had a tradition that once a year we got to either pick out our own ornament or my mom would buy us one, usually attached to a Christmas present.

My moms reasoning for doing this was, when we are grown and married we will have our own special ornaments to decorate our tree with.

That is one tradition that I am keeping for Sophia. One day when she is older she too will have ornaments to decorate her own Christmas tree with.


Sophia has officially helped decorate her first Christmas Tree! She really enjoyed putting the fruit on the tree.

Sophia would say “Apple…look…mama apple.” (melts my heart)

We ended up with a large cluster of fruit ornaments on the bottom of the tree. (melt my heart even more)

Growing up I remember my brother and I would help put decorate the tree and thinking we did a good job.


The next morning noticing that “I know I didn’t put that ornament there..”

Mike (mom’s husband) would come home from work and rearrange the cluster of ornaments to spread them out.


Do you have any family traditions?


Needless to say this is only the bare minimum of ornaments that I do have. I have a bunch of glass ballerinas…cupcakes…animals..ohh how the list could go on!

Each ornament I believe tells a story of a certain point in my life.

That is what makes it fun, being able to look back on the specific ornament and how it  brings me back to my childhood.

What is your favorite holiday memory?

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