Mistletoe Kisses


Ok Ladies’ get ready to pucker up! I got the best shade of lipstick that will guarantee to make heads turn and get you that perfect foot poppin’ mistletoe kiss this Christmas.

That’s right the best shade of red!

A few weeks ago I made a trip to Sephora for my usual shade of red lipstick by the brand Bite Beauty. It just so happened they were completely out of my shade. Which was sort of a bummer, but at the same time I knew I was in good hands when it comes to trying a different shade of red lipstick.

I am the worst at picking out lipstick for myself, especially red. So I always ask to be matched. It makes the process a lot more enjoyable for myself.

If you never tried the brand Bite Beauty before I highly..highly recommend it. It is my absolute favorite brand of lipstick. They have so many shades to choose from for every type of skin tone….there is something for everyone.

After a few minutes of experimenting with a few different shades I ended up purchasing the Bite Beauty in Sour Cherry.


I actually really love this red, is it’s a brighter shade of red than what I normally purchase or pick our myself.

The creamy pigmentation is absolutely georgous and it doesn’t fade. I was able to put it on and a few hours later it still be bright and beautiful. I personally could not be anymore pleased with this shade. It is everything I could want in a brighter red color.


I belive I have found my new go-to shade of lipstick for future holidays to come. What really sold me on this shade is that I finally found a lipstick that was bright and fun without being a darker red. I typically go for a darker red, rather than a bright red, for the mere fact I never found one on myself that I liked enough to buy.

My typical shade is Brandy by Bite Beauty, which is a darker wine shade. It too is absolutely beautiful.

So..Ladies if you are looking for a more poppy color of red for this season I would tell you to purchase Sour Cherry by Bite Beauty.

What is your favorite brand and shade of lipstick? Do you have a favorite holiday lipstick?

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