Emeril’s Wonton Soup


Every New Years Eve my family and I end up ordering Chinese for dinner. It’s tradition. We kick back and relax while feasting on all kinds of Chinese food. This year we decided to switch things up a bit and make Chinese ourselves.

My friend Charnaye stopped over for my moms Egg Rolls this year. I swear everyone will stop what they are doing to come over and have some. We are always more than willing so share. If you are interested in making my moms Egg Rolls, I did a blog post on it called Mama’s Homemade Egg Rolls. You won’t be ordering them out anymore!

Anyways, along with Egg Rolls this year we made Wonton Soup! It was wonderful!

We used Emeril Lagasse Wonton Soup recipe..and boy it did not disappoint!

Let me share with you the process & some tips:


I always allow my ground pork to marinate for a few minutes. Well…meat in general..don’t get me started on chicken..that’s a whole blog post in itself.


My mom is coating the edges of the Wonton Wrappers with water. It’s the glue to hold everything together. Don’t add to much water, it will break or tear!


Bring all the corners in the center to meet each other!


We always add a tiny-tiny bit of water…like a drop to the center where all the corners meet. Pinch the four corners closed. Keep all that yummy stuff contained.


The biggest tip I can tell you is: Make them as you go..if you are having the soup for dinner make only a certain amount for that sitting. They fall apart if left in the soup to long. I learned that the hard way.


Preparing the Soup!


Bok Choy & Shiitake Mushrooms..we didn’t add the Bamboo Shoots we couldn’t find them.


Add the Wontons soup very carefully! They sort of remind me of Pierogies, because when they are done they float to the top, allow them to cook to specified time in the instructions.

Do you have any New Years Eve food traditions?

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