Sophia’s First Homemade Pie


Sophia is my little helper in the kitchen. No matter what I am doing she always ends up helping me out, and I LOVE it. It only seems to be natural that she enjoys being in the kitchen as much as I do, she comes from a family of cooks and bakers on both sides. It’s in her blood. I hope she continues to enjoy it as she gets older.

She always drags a chair over to the counter (like a foot away from where I am standing). Not matter what, as soon as I stand in front of the counter within seconds I have my Sous Chef!

Sophia climbs up and says “…peas,” with her big green eyes. It melts my heart every time…I mean..whose wouldn’t?

It’s wintertime in Pittsburgh, and being stuck inside all the time especially with really cold temperatures doesn’t help cabin fever. So I am finding it challenging to find some activities that will help pass the time.

That’s when I decided we would have Sophia bake a pie. Plus she has been asking for pie for days!!!

Sophia’s Process:


Chef is all prepared and ready to start!


Add some sugar & other yummy ingredients!


Make sure everything is ready to go….


Add some apples & mix in some extra love! Baking is always better when you add love into it!


Preparing the best pie crust in the world! Made with extra love!


I can do it!


I did it!


Look everyone I made my first pie!!!

I did take a photo of the finished product when it was out of the oven, but I lost the photo! Sophia’s first homemade pie was so good and I am so proud of her! She did such a fantastic job and she had so much fun!

If you are interested in the recipe we used it was this recipe!

Anyone have cabin fever yet? Ready for Spring?

2 thoughts on “Sophia’s First Homemade Pie

  1. Thank you for stopping by and nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award…this is the first! Definitely try cooking or baking with your son! I’m sure he will love it and you will love the memory even more!!! I hope you stop by again! 🙂


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