Stalker Level….


Can anyone guess who this man is in the picture? If you are a Walking Dead fan then you  will notice it’s HERSHEL!!! And his head is attached! Back in April my best friend in the entire world texted me and said that Steel City Con is coming to our area, and one of our favorite Walking Dead cast members was going to be there.

So…we had to go! I swear when we saw him we were like teenagers….we wanted to meet him considering he was the whole entire reason why we went….we were ‘gitty’ and absolutely nervous…

I remember thinking if I am like this over an old man, I can only imagine what dating will be like the future….it’s been well over 6 years since I dated…but that is for another blog post. Ha.

So after we totally “geeked out,” and probably looked like two stalkers….we finally worked up some courage to go over and say hi.

Hershel or Scott was very nice….tall…but that doesn’t take much for us to think someone is tall. He looks absolutely the same as he does on the show.

To tell you what we talked about, I can’t remember….I think we were just nervous….I mean we were one step closer to Daryl and Rick. Lord I don’t even want to know what we would be like if it was Daryl and Rick….

We didn’t get our professional photo taken they were really expensive (even if you used your cell phone..they charged you) and this mama is on a very tight budget so that was out of the question….but the photo I did get was pretty much stalker that works right?

Later on…

When we went back to Charnayes’ apartment her boyfriend Dominick was there and we kept saying to him..

Guess who we hugged today?


It felt so good to get out of the house and have some down time. This doesn’t happen that often for me so it was definitely overdue.

What did you do this weekend? Anything fun? If you are a Walking Dead fan who is your favorite cast member?

Stay tuned for some more blog posts this week!

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