A Day in the Big City…


Long time..no see…huh? I have been away for quite sometime. My personal schedule has exploded with tons of events and projects. All in due time I will share, I promise!

Just a little over a week ago my nephew Timmy spent a week with my family and I. He recently just turned 13, so I figured we would do a day in Pittsburgh. As I wrote a few posts ago, my financial situation has been quite tight the last two months…so after all my bills were paid…and I made some extra cash from making cakes for some customers I had some extra cash to play with.

I probably should have saved it, but given my certain circumstances I was dying to get out of the house and have some fun.

Pittsburgh is one of my favorite places to be. Naturally I am a city girl, I just love it. So I was really excited to get out and explore with Timmy and Sophia.



We started at a farmers market. I love going to farmers markets, it’s especially nice to buy and support local farmers. I did not buy peaches although I really regret it, because I have been dying to make homemade peach pie.

But don’t they look lovely?


I did purchase some Hummus and Asian Salad. I always buy it when I come down to the cities famers market. Their stores location isn’t close to where I live.


The city was stifling that day. I was more than grateful that I wore my hair up and actually didn’t take the time to do it. A messy bun is the way to go to beat the heat. After when we were done browsing the farmers market, we met my mom at Bruggers Bagels Bakery on her lunch hour. Their sandwiches are amazing, they never disappoint.

I have to admit…I was dreading leaving the air-conditioning and adventuring back out into the hot, humid air.


After lunch we headed right over to the PPG Place, Sophia was very adamant about seeing the fountains that she must have gotten a glimpse of walking through the farmers market.

I don’t think any of us were going to deny anyone the chance to cool off…..


The only bummer is that she wasn’t allowed to play in the water until after 3p.m. I did however prepare for water play with a couple extra outfits in my backpack.

But nonetheless Sophia enjoyed watching the water “dance,” as she put it.


Searching for the T…wait…subway…nooo…Pittsburgh calls it the T. And don’t put Pittsburgh Subway into your GPS…it will literally take you walking through the crappiest area of Pittsburgh…and you’ll find yourself standing…..

Right in front of an actual Subway shop (the sandwich place)…..not the T.

I never been on the T before, so it was quite an adventure trying to find it…..but we did….


We honestly didn’t have schedule as to what we were going to do in the city that day…..we just explored.

Sophia was really excited about riding on the T. I think we all were.


Sophia’s first T ride.

Our first stop was in North Side or “Nor Side,” if you are a ‘Pittsburghese’ speaking person.  When I speak real fast I typically find myself using Pittsburgh slang, but it is something that I typically don’t do.

We actually just walked around North Side. It was boiling at the point outside. Our goal was to walk to The Point..but we never actually made it.

Instead, I purchased 3 ticket to go to a certain area in town called Station Square. That was not free to travel too.


Waiting for the T to arrive. We were just melting from the heat. It was insane!

Thankfully this ride was about 5 minutes, so we got to cool off. It was greatly needed.


Once we arrived to Station Square, the tickets I purchased at North Side “weren’t right,” and to tell you what was wrong with them, I honestly forget.


We were able to use them to ride the Incline. If you are unfamiliar was the Incline is…it’s this little cart that rides up the mountain and you literally get to see the entire city from inside the cart. It’s very cool!

If you are visiting Pittsburgh I highly recommend it. Here is the website if you’re interested!

This was Sophia’s first time riding the Incline and Timmy told me it was his as well.


Once we got off of the Incline we about a minute up the road to the Mount Washington Outlook. It’s very beautiful. And probably one of the hottest spots to get engaged at!


The city of bridges…


After when we were done, we rode the incline back down to Station Square and walked across the Smithfield Street bridge and headed back into the city.

At this point my phone has died, we walked over 2 miles of the city….we were just pooped.

It was about 4:50p.m. and we met my mom at her work and headed to our last destination in Pittsburgh………….


I have been dying to try this place since the came across it last Christmas. And I thought what a great way to end an exhausting, hot but fun day with some pretty awesome Milkshakes!


I got the Midnight Cookies and Cream Milkshake! It was amazing, but you could probably share it with someone. I couldn’t finish it. So rich tasting.


Timmy got their Red Velvet Milkshake! I tasted it, and it literally tasted just like Red Velvet cake. If you are a Red Velvet person I highly recommend this one!


That entire day Sophia told me that she wanted two Scoops of Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream with Rainbow Sprinkles. And she ate the ENTIRE THING!


Isn’t that cool looking with all of the milk bottles? It literally goes all the way around the room. I loved it! Plus that light fixture just went oh-so-well with the decor.


Can you spot Sophia and my mom?

That night we went home ate some major comfort food for dinner and hit the sheets early. And of course showered the cities grime off ourselves.

It was a super long day, but so much fun! The next day I think we literally just vegetated inside and didn’t do anything….


Who and I kidding….

We picked my mom up in the city and headed to Bloomfield for the best pizza in the world!

Then that weekend…we literally just stayed around the house. We were done being adventurous!

If you follow me on Instagram at Sarah_BellaLife you may have already saw our mini Pittsburgh Video. If not, here it is! Be sure to check out my Instagram for my behind-the-scenes life!

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