What I Made for Dinner

The other day I was craving homemade roast….of all things to crave…roast…really?!?! So that night I pulled the roast out of our second freezer and allowed it to thaw out overnight.

Typically, when I make dinner I usually do my own thing…but this particular time I came across Pioneer Womans Perfect Pot Roast Recipe and I knew it was something I had to make.

If you know anything about me, I am a huge Pioneer Woman fan! Everything that I have every made of hers, I absolutely loooooved it!

So, I had a funny feeling that we were going to enjoy her Pot Roast.


Heat up your Olive Oil, if you move it back and forth in the pot; and ripples appear your Olive Oil is hot! Caramelized onion is always amazing. I sautéed mine up for about 4 to 6 minutes just enough to get that really nice brown-caramel color.


I think I was a rabbit in my past life, because carrots are like candy to me. Especially if you brown them! Ohhhhh my goodness….so good. I sautéed the carrots for about five to six minutes. If needed you can add more Olive Oil prior to adding the carrots in the pot.

And let me just say if you don’t have a Dutch Oven Pot, go out and get one! So worth it! I love cooking in one!


Once you have caramelized your onion and carrots, set them aside.


Time to get the star of the show ready!

I always pat down my roast with paper towels; so it browns properly. Then I added Salt, Pepper and Garlic Powder on both sides before browning in then Dutch Oven.


Now doesn’t that look good?


Once the Roast was browned on both sides, I added some red wine. Adding red wine is optional, but if I have it on hand..believe me…it’s added.

It just takes your roast to whole a different level!!


I then added the roast back in the Dutch Oven, and slightly browned it in the red wine on each side for about one minute. This isn’t a necessary step, but I felt it would help infuse the wine into the meat more.


At this point it is time to put everything together. You want to add your Beef Broth until  it is about half-way up the roast.


Add your veggies around the roast. Now, in the recipe it doesn’t call for whole mushrooms, but everyone in the house loves them..so…why not?

I added fresh Rosemary and Parsley all around. My mom always grows an abundance of herbs every summer, so I love adding them to my cooking!


This Pot roast was to die for! It was absolutely amazing! And definitely made great leftovers!

This would be the perfect dinner to have on a Sunday so you have leftovers for Monday!

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