Fresh Garden Flowers


Hydrangeas happen to be one of my favorite summer flowers. I believe one of my favorite parts about summer are flowers and Bumble Bees. There has always been a soft spot in my heart for fresh flowers in a bedroom or living room. It just adds a special touch, especially if you can cut them from your own garden.

On the side of my moms house, she has this massive Hydrangea Tree that I look forward to it blooming every year.

Did you know if you add acidic food such as Lemons to the base of the Hydrangea Tree it will give you more deeper shades; such as a darker blue.

If you don’t add any acidity to your Hydrangea Tree your flowers will turn out to be more of a pastel shade.

So, if we were neighbors you could quite possibly see us dump Orange Juice or Lemon peels to the base of our Hydrangea Tree.


Back at the beginning of July during my parents annual Fourth of July party I was talking to my friend Paula about my moms Hydrangea Tree….I know thrilling…right….

Paula told me that for her sisters wedding a florist told them to add a little bit of Ginger Ale in the vase before adding water will prolong the Hydrangeas lifespan.

So, I definitely had to try it out. I only added about 1/4 up of Ginger Ale before adding my water.

Plus it would give me the excuse to add some fresh flowers in the house!

Have you ever heard of adding Ginger Ale to Hydrangeas?

I was really surprised….of all things to add to flowers…pop…..


Surprisingly enough, is has not killed my flowers…and they are still perky!

Comment below where you are from! I would love to know where my furthest reader is from!


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