My Favorite Hair Spray


I have been using Kenra Volume 25 for several months now and I am completely in love with it. When I was going to Hawaii back in April I researched different hair sprays that hold well in humidity. After doing some research and then speaking to an Ulta employee I was pointed in the direction off Kenra Volume 25.

Initially I bought the travel size to try it out, just in case if I didn’t like it. Well, it worked wonders when I was in Hawaii. I was able to style my hair without it falling flat or loosing it’s curl. Kenya Volume 25 gives your hair a lot of hold, without making it feel sticky or really stiff. For me, nothing is worse than styling your hair and it fall flat or whatever hair product you’re using makes your hair not moveable. Cement hair…the worst! Maybe back in the 80’s that was the look, but personally speaking I hate cement, crunchy hair…it’s like nails down a chalk board for me!

Kenra Volume 25 is just perfect!

Plus, this hair spray has such a wonderful scent to it. You won’t be holding your breath as you spray your hair or gagging.

If you are curious about this brand and don’t want to plunge right into buying a full bottle, I recommend purchasing the travel size.   

Give this hair spray a whirl!! I promise it will not disappoint.

I am not a professional hair stylist by any means, but when I find a product that works well with my hair I stick to it.

If you use this product, what are your thoughts?

** This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Bold- Blue wording are links. **

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