An Unplugged Weekend


A week ago today my family and I spent a long weekend down in West Virginia to visit Grandma Carol. This is a trip that I have been trying to do for several years ever since Sophia was born, but life has gotten in the way of many things.  This long weekend trip just fell onto my lap at the very last minute possible.

Thankfully, there was boarding at Jimmy’s camp so I was able to send him for a long weekend with his buddies. Jimmy loves camp so it’s definitely a win-win situation.

While we were driving down we all made bets whether or not Grandma Carol had wifi. I was the only one that said that should would have it.


I was WRONG.

I honestly thought it was going to be tough to not be connected to wifi, but it actually ended up being a blessing in disguise.

My phone spent more time in my purse than in my hands, I just felt more connected…

You know what I mean?

If you follow my Instagram account you made have noticed that I only updated with a few photos and a few Instagram and there.

I think we should all go unplugged once in a while…it’s good for the soul.

A look into my weekend getaway…..


This is Grandma Carol’s house. There are so many memories here and they all started back when I was around three and a half. This was a very nostalgic getaway. Everything and I mean everything about his house is exactly the way I remember it, even down to the photos on the mantle and my favorite bagel magnet; that I always….and I mean always….observe when I am there.


Meet Grace! This is Grandma’s Carol’s dog, she only weighs six pound and is so sweet. I loved cuddling with her. Grace is the reason why we didn’t take Jimmy with us…Gracie would never be the same!


Growing up this was my favorite room in the house! This is every little girls dream for playing Tea Party. When my brother was a baby and would take naps Grandma Carol and I would have a Tea Parties…even though the food is fake and the goblets were empty that never mattered. To me it was just as fun, and to this day it is still one of my fondest memories.

During many conversations between Grandma Carol and I..I had to ask how the fake food came about. I was curious to see if it was planned or just sort of happened.

She told me she had no intention of this room being the fake food room, but over time family members started giving her fake food and odd items…so this room just kind of created itself over the course of many years.


Now, it is Sophia’s turn to start making Tea Party memories! She loved making soup with all the veggies! And I believe I “ate,” about a thousand carrots!


At night we took a stroll through the neighborhood.

Yes….Sophia is pulling her Unicorn Suitcase filled with her Peppa Pig gear…

Sometimes you have to pick you battles…ya know!


One of the neighbors a couple doors down owns several ducks….Sophia tried sneaking up on them very gingerly…but it didn’t work out in her favor at all.

They immediately flew away….Sophia’s reaction was priceless..I believe they spooked her a bit.


Meet Bob! He is one of many stray cats in the neighborhood…but this one especially loves Grandma Carol. He sleeps in her flowers and she feeds him premium cat food…I’d say he makes out really well.

The funny thing about Bob is, he appears from out of nowhere. Literally.

Here we were one night taking a very leisurely walk…then all of a sudden Bob comes out from behind some random bushes in one of the yards.

He’s a cutie…but terrified of Sophia. She growled at him really loudly the one day and he freaked and ran away. Now, he won’t go anywhere near her!

Imagine that.


We call this the “Big Fat None Greek Wedding House”….does it not remind you of it?


This happens to be one of my favorite houses in the neighborhood. If I owned it, I definitely would add a ton more flowers!

The funny thing about where Grandma Carol lives…it’s like Prozac takes a vacation…everyone is generally really happy. I mean everyone.

So different from Pittsburgh.

I absolutely adore Southern Hospitality. Just so sweet to be around!


When we were kids, we would always end up swimming in their indoor pool. It was a massive inclosed pool. Now I believe it is a green room for their plants.

Plus, this was always my brothers favorite house.


Meet Gilbert! This dog is massive and or course he didn’t scare Sophia. She tries to make friends with all animals she comes in contact with. I just love that about her, she is hands down an animal lover.

I’m pretty sure you can saddle Gilbert up and ride him….I wish I was exaggerating.


This was our last morning together, actually minutes before we were heading back to Pittsburgh. I was coming down with a terrible summer cold at this point; that became worse as the day progressed.

Yes, this photo did take several times, but I definitely can’t complain.

You know how hard it is to take group photos with toddlers….they look at everything except at the camera; and if they actually look at the camera it’s a goofy face and not a smile.

I wish I would have taken more photos over the weekend but I was definitely disconnected with electronics all weekend. And I didn’t care at all.

My goal is to go down and visit Grandma Carol a couple times a year!

Here is my one Instagram Story from last weekend:

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