Sophia’s Birth Story

Today Sophia is 3 years old! My gosh it went so fast! I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share Sophia’s birthday story with everyone!

**This will be a very raw post**

Let’s go back to the very beginning…..

I was due for my period on December 25, 2013, but on the 24th of December I was not feeling the best meaning just feeling very off, but I summed it up to being my impending period. On Christmas morning I was opening up a gift that Adrian got me that was a snow globe with engraved message that read “Merry Christmas Sweetpea, I love you 2013.” I busted into tears, I loved it.


My mom got Adrian and I tickets to go see the musical Wicked, I then bursted into tears over that. All of a sudden my mom asked “Are you pregnant.” And through the tears I replied “no, I’m not.” Can you say mothers intuition, but in the same sense feeling somewhat offended for asking that.

About two days after Christmas I was showing no signs of my period at all, in my mind I was either pregnant or dying; because if there is one thing constant in my life it’s my period. Adrian and I decided to get a pregnancy test and it came back negative. I took one a day and a half later and it was still negative, Adrian swore up and down he said a very very faint line, but I was not seeing one…I was waiting for the bold blue positive test line. I took 8 tests and they were all negative. Regardless of being pregnant or not I was making a doctors appointment.


On January 1, 2014 my sister stopped over the house and was asking if I got my period and I remember feeling very agitated with that question; I responded with “no, and I am done buying pregnancy tests.” She persuaded me on purchasing one more, but she ended up buy it along with a bottle of Gatorade. I chugged it in the car on the way home.

About 45 minutes later, I decided to take the test. I remember just sitting staring at the test waiting for my result, within a minute and a half the test was showing a negative sign….




My hands were shaking…I wasn’t dying….and all I could think was…omg…I’m pregnant! And then I balled. I remember telling my mom because she was cooking dinner and my sister, and I balled even harder. I could not wait to tell Adrian! I had no clue how I was going to tell him, my mom suggested wrapping my positive pregnancy test in tissue paper and put it in a gift box. And that’s what I did, but I wanted to get it on camera..his reaction….

We were so excited to be having a baby! Adrian was such a trooper through my entire pregnancy. He attend ever doctors appointment I had, cooked my favorite pregnancy foods and rubbed my back and feet. He was truly the best.

So lets flash forward to August 27th, 2014…..


I was feeling really well that day, I had a ton of energy all week and feeling really great. I definitely thought Sophia was going to be late and I would have to be induced. But that certainly was not the case.

In the mid afternoon, I lost my pregnancy plug. I texted my mom photos…(eeew gross I know), because I wanted to make sure that was exactly what it was. Low and behold that is exactly what it was. I then texted my sister Crystal to tell her the exciting news and she said to me “you water is going to break soon.”

My initial thought wasn’t packing my bags, it was making sure my toe nails were painted. So nine months pregnant I managed to paint my toe nails. I remember it be challenging but I was able to get it done!

August 28th, 2014

The biggest day of my life! Even though I lost my pregnancy plug the day before I was still in denial of my water breaking. And if you think my bags were packed at this point…they weren’t. I did however have the suitcases in our room, so I was one step closer.

I woke up around 6:30 A.M. as I sat up and immediately thought I was going to pee myself. I did not have that issue at all during my entire pregnancy so that sensation was quite surprising. Big belly and all I ran into the bathroom and slammed the door. A few moments later my mom knocked on the door asking if I was alright…I told her I thought was water was breaking but I just had to urinate. My mom decided to drive into work that day just to be on the safe side, but she actually didn’t make it into work.

About a 2 minutes later, my mom and I were standing in Sophia’s nursery and all of a sudden I said to her “omg my water is going to break.” And like the Niagara Falls my water busted all over Sophia’s bedroom floor. I remember saying out loud “this is so gross.”

My mom ran into the bedroom and yelled in at Adrian…”Adrian get up..Sarah’s water broke.” I never saw Adrian move so fast before, within 8 minutes our hospital bags were packed and we were heading up to my OBGYN to make sure it was my water did in fact break.

Without a doubt it was my water, but my doctors had to run a test to get the positive result…HER WATER BROKE! Thankfully, my doctors office is connected to hospital, we were able to walk over. I was offered a wheelchair, but I was not feeling any contractions…so I assumed the walking would help.

My birth plan with Sophia was no pain medication at all, I wanted a drug free birth. But like most things in life, that didn’t go according to my plan.


** The year on the photo is wrong**

As soon as I got into the room, and because I have not been feeling any contractions naturally, my doctors started me on Pitocin. They said I wouldn’t feel anything for a few hours, but I have a really sensitive system to any kind of medication…within a half hour I was feeling the contractions.

Over the course of the next couple hours, as many women in labor know you are actually never alone. Doctors and nurses are always coming in to check on you. Every time they visited they were cranking up the Pitocin, because I was not dilating past 2cm.

During my pregnancy I was very adamant about wearing my own underwear and bra during labor, but within a couple of hours I did not care if the president himself came in, I was ripping them off.  All the fears you have while pregnant goes completely out the window when in labor.


I knew when I went into labor I didn’t want very many people coming in and out of my hospital room. I only wanted Adrian and my mom there. Things moved really quickly once the Pitocin was administered…pain wise. I remember telling Adrian not to talk, I believe I told my mom to shut up, because she kept telling me not to hold my breath during a contraction.

And I sure as hell knew I was never going to have sex again. I mean EVER!!

To make matters worse at one point Sophia’s Oxygen level kept dropping when I was laying on my back. So the nurses slapped an Oxygen Mask on and told me to lay on my side, which was the most uncomfortable position in the world.

I was really miserable, but nothing compares to a kidney stone. Just sayin’.

Adrian was taking videos and pictures of me in labor, he is so lucky I did not notice, because I would have probably jumped out of my bed during a contraction…beat him with the camera and chucked it out the window.


Even though they are the most unflattering photos in the world, I am so happy to have them now!

My doctor came in around 7:30 that evening and checked me one last time, and I still have not dilated past 2 cm. For the last time he increased the Pitocin to the highest level possible. I was in agony and beyond miserable, knowing that I was not dilating was very discouraging.

One hour later, my doctor check me for the last time and said “let’s get you prepared for a c-section.”

I think I mentally jumped up out of my bed and did a happy dance. A c-section was not apart of my birth plan, but I didn’t care if they had to pull Sophia out through my nose…she was coming out.

Once I got the epidural, I was ready to go and so anxious to meet Sophia!

On our way to meet Sophia…



Adrian went with me for my c-section. He was such a great support during the entire process, he held my hand…gave me kisses on my forehead and held the bucket next to my head. I kept getting really bad waves of nausea during the beginning of my c-section.

Before I had Sophia I thought about what if I had to get a c-section, and the part that bothered me the most was them strapping my arms down. But when the time came for my c-section I did not care.

As it turns out I have an underdeveloped pelvis, so all future children are automatically c-sections.

At 8:34 P.M. Sophia was born weighing 7lbs 7oz 19 1/2 inches long! Adrian did bring the camera into the operating room!


Adrian said “she is absolutely beautiful!”

I could not wait to see her!

The first time I laid eyes on her I fell instantly in love. My soul purpose in life was to bring this little girl into the world.

Everyone was absolutely smitten by her.

That night after my c-section, is sort of a blur. I know I had some family come up to meet her, but the room cleared up pretty quickly. I remember passing out that night.

As most mothers know you don’t get a full night of sleep, especially if you are breast feeding.

A couple of hours later,  I woke up to hearing a baby cry from the hallway. I instantly knew it was Sophia. My favorite nurse came in and said “She’s hungry.”

I remember those nights specifically, because they were our bonding moments. Sometimes I would just hold her and just stare at the little miracle that I created.


Sophia was known as the nursery as “the baby with all that hair!” She had so much hair that you could actually shampoo it.



Three years later….

Today Sophia is officially three years old. I honestly don’t know where the time has gone, it feels like yesterday that she was handed to me in the operating room. If there is one thing for sure, is that I hope Sophia knows that she means the absolute world to me. And I love her more than life itself.

Next week, she is starting preschool…..already. I can’t believe it, but I know she is going to have a blast!!!

I love you sweet girl! You have no idea how loved you are by everyone that meets you! You have a beautiful soul, and I am so happy to be your mom for life. You teach me so much about life and love, I wish everyone could see the world through your eyes, because I know the world would be a better place!

Happy Birthday my love! I would do everything all over again to have you!


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