Sophia’s Unicorn Birthday Party


Last weekend we celebrated Sophia’s 3rd birthday, that was Unicorn themed. Every since I saw the cutest Unicorn themed parties on Pinterest for little girls I knew exactly that; that was going to be her theme.

If there is one thing you should know about me is, I love to entertain. I love to throw parties, decorate for parties…so naturally I was planning for Sophia’s birthday party in advance. It was actually supposed to be the second weekend in September, but no one could make that date, but because her actual birthday falls on the 28th and that weekend is Labor day…I decided at the very last minute as possible to have it on the 26th of August.

I literally had two weeks to make it happen….

So lets jump right into the fun……


They always say less is more, so I went to less decorations which resulted in less clutter and less that you actually have to clean up. I did add some pastel balloons all around the table and various places around the house.

The weather was perfect, I could not have asked for better weather. The kids actually spent more time outside instead of inside the house.


Isn’t she pretty? I originally saw this balloon on Pinterest and was going to order it, but one day I randomly went to a local Party City and they had the same balloon! And waaaaay cheaper! So I got one for the outside and in the inside table.

To my surprise a lot of the unicorn decorations that I stumbled upon were on sale, I assume the unicorn theme must be a summer thing?


Sophia and her best friend Karsyn! All day long all I heard from Sophia “mommy…Karsyn coming to my party?”


These two play so well together, you can actually relax a bit when they are together, because they share so well.

You don’t have wrestling matches over the same toy….it’s such a great friendship for the girls.


Little Emma came too! She is Sophia’s littlest friend…isn’t she adorable? What I love most about her is her ability to speak so well. Plus she is just super sweet!! We love you Emma!


Since most of the kids ages ranged from 1.5 to 4 years old I was limited as to what activities to have them do. I almost bought a piñata, but I decided not to at the last minute.

I ended up resorting to bubbles, bouncy balls and just some old ole’ creativity and imagination. The kids loved the bubbles, and as much as the kids enjoyed the bubbles I believe the adults were right along with them.

At one point the kids were singing Ring Around the Rosie and dancing. So, it might actually work out in your favor to let them do their own thing, instead of a structure of entertainment.


And there was a bunch of twirling in the mix as well!


This turned out to be the best snapchat filter, it went so well with the party. I just wish I had everyone at the party take photos of themselves with the filter. I totally forgot about it. I was so busy that day!


I brought back the punch for last years Confetti Party! Plus if you are interested in the how to make this addictive party drink here is how!  


I think I have about 4 servings myself, if you didn’t drink coffee that morning you were leaving my house with a sugar high!


A party is not complete without my moms Homemade Iced Tea! If you are wondering why there a plastic bag inside the Iced Tea, that is because my mom had a brilliant idea of putting an ice pack inside of a Ziploc bag; so it wouldn’t water down the Iced Tea.

And it worked beautifully!

We are all Ice Tea addicts here, so it’s quite crucial that we keep it well preserved!


Here is the Unicorn cake I made for her birthday! I loved everything about this cake! It was a blast to make, would you bed interested in how to make this cake? A possibly future blog post?


Sophia loved her cake, when I was decorating it late Friday night she kept trying to help me. And would sneak tastes of my homemade buttercream when she could!


I managed not to cry while singing Happy Birthday. I just can’t believe that Sophia is three. Where has the time gone? I am loving every moment of all the stages!


Karsyn was Sophia’s big helper while she opened up her birthday presents. I was overwhelmed by everything that she has received. Lets just say she is more than prepared for a growing spurt.

Here is a mini clip of everyone singing Happy Birthday to Sophia.

Thank – You to everyone that came to Sophia’s birthday party, she sure had blast and felt so special and loved by every single person. We love you guys!

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