The First Week of Preschool


Whooooooo! We made it through the first week of preschool!!!!

Sophia did fantastic! I was one proud mom dropping her off on her first day of school without having her cry for me as I left her.

Honestly, my fear was walking away from her as she cried for me, I don’t know if I would have the heart to walk away from her knowing that she was crying for me.

Thankfully, I walked her into her classroom, hanged her backpack up in her cubby went over to her and said “alrighty Sophia, Mommy is going to leave your here with all your friends and I will pick you back up soon. I love you so much.” And just like that the infant that I once held gave me a kiss and walked away from me.

As I walked away from her with emotions tugging at my heart I could feel the urge of wanting to shed a tear, but I didn’t.

I knew she was in fantastic hands; plus I graduated high school with her teacher so there is level of comfort.

There was a moment when she was an infant and I was going through the “blues stage,” I remember saying to my mom that “I am going to homeschool her,” I did not want her to go to school away from was such a fear of mine. Three years later, I kissed her and trusted a stranger to look after her.


I walked away without crying, because I knew she was going to have a blast. Sophia loves being around other kids, she is always asking for me to set up play dates for her. With Sophia being my only child, my main goal was to get her used to being around other kids and for her to learn the concept of sharing. I believe all of the play dates and library toddler classes really helped her get into the groove of school.


As a single mom I never envisioned doing the first day of preschool alone or being the only single parent on the contact roster. It bothered me yesterday looking at the contact roster that was placed in her backpack and I was the only single parent on there, but as fast as it bothered me I got over it just as fast.

Accomplishing the first week of preschool makes me to relieved that everything went smoothly. It was an easy transition that I am totally happy about, plus Sophia loves it!

I am looking forward to the projects that she make and the little classroom performances that they will do around the holidays.

This is going to be a great year for her!

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