Spring & Summer Flashback

We have officially entered my favorite season of all time…FALL….! I just love everything about this time of year, from the clothes, weather, food…just everything. If I could live in the fall season all year around, I would be absolutely happy. Personally speaking I do not like extreme hot or cold weather…that’s what makes fall perfect…

Except for today…we are welcoming fall weather with a high of 85 degrees and Sophia is sick, so with that in mind….it does not feel like fall, but I am hopeful in the coming weeks that the weather will be cooler.

Sophia woke up with a fever with no indication of the night before that she would be sick. I have been keeping her hydrated, she has no desire to eat anything and I am monitoring her fever…just hoping this Motrin kicks in soon..poor kid.

Anyways, I have decided to do a Spring and Summer roundup of unseen photos and links to older blog posts…

So let’s dig in…..


If you were a follower of my blog back in April you may have remembered I vacationed with my family in Hawaii for two weeks. It was the first time I have been back in about ten years and it was the first time my nephew Timmy and my daughter Sophia went. I had every intention of doing a blog post on my trip, but honestly speaking I have a ton of photos and I am trying to find a way to categorize it into blog posts. With that in mind…I am probably overthinking it….


Just a little over a month ago I made a Homemade Mozzarella FlatBread Pizza that is to die for, so easy… light and just yummy. Here is the recipe.


Sophia and her cousin Parker went to the Pittsburgh Zoo back in April. It was the perfect day. Sophia is a total animal lover, if she was a cartoon character I would say she would be Liza from The Wild Thornberrys…remember that cartoon? It was probably one of my top 5.


While I was in Hawaii I snuck away from the condo and grabbed the Acai Bowl from Basik CafeIt was the best fresh fruit I have ever eaten, I stumbled across one early morning when I was purchasing my snorkeling equipment…I knew I had to try it before returning home to Pittsburgh. I just wish I would have eaten more of it while I was there….


This one particular day in the early afternoon, Sophia climbed on my lap after playing in her pool that I purchased for her early Spring. I remember sitting on the back porch holding her and singing “You Are My Sunshine,” and she passed out. I loved every minute of it. I sat out there for at least 45 minutes holding her and sweating, but I didn’t want to put her down, because moments like these are very rare.


I have the best Homemade Funfetti Cake Recipe! It’s so good, but make it the same day you want to serve it!


Sophia met her great-grandma for the first time ever back in August! You can read about the weekend getaway here.


IMG_8580 2

My friend Paula and I try to get our daughters together for a playdate every so often. Every year we go down to the Waterfront, we meet in the court yard…we get coffees and the kids can run and play…while we can catch up! I think we may try to go back down sometime in October for a wine tasting…this little wineshop carries the absolute best Cranberry Wine…it’s my favorite!


Sophia and I went to our local library and got to experience the Eclipse! It was awesome! The library threw an Eclipse Party with Pizza, Hamburgers, Hot dogs….and cake. Sophia had no idea what was going on, but it was a once in a lifetime experience with her! Just think the next time the Eclipse occurs I will be old and should could possibly be married with kids…crazy…


The BEST Lemon Pie in the world! It will not disappoint you!!! You can find the recipe here!


Last Sunday my mom and I took Sophia to Kennywood for the very first time ever!


It was either going to be she loved it or hated it! She ate French Fries and Cheese, Corn Dogs, Funnel Cake and Cotton Candy.

Even though I didn’t ride the “big kid rides,” I still had so much fun watching her facial expressions on the Kiddyland rides.

Back to reality:

Just an update Sophia’s fever finally broke! I am so thankful!

On the other hand I loved looking through all my photos I have taken over the last 6 months and realizing in hard times in ones personal life, you can still find so much joy and happiness.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

2 thoughts on “Spring & Summer Flashback

  1. I love taking a peek into your family! This was a really sweet post. The funfetti cake looked incredible and I couldn’t stop laughing at the little girl’s terrified face on the ride! Such a lovely post. Thanks for sharing.


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