Cooking Like Julia


Butter….can we hold the butter when it comes to French cooking? Heck no! When I was studying at Le Cordon Bleu in my early twenties, the one common factor between French cooking and French baking….was the butter. And I am sorry to say…

You just don’t cut out real butter when you decide to cook french food.

A few weeks ago, I was rummaging through my storage unit and came across a box called “Sarah’s favorites,” and among random items was my Julia Child Cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” My mom bought it for me when I studying at Le Cordon Bleu and I could not wait to dig and in cook French food for my family.

But it never happened. Instead I marked the pages off with post-it’s as to what I wanted to cook and it collected dust.



I reopened my book, took note to some of the recipes I have marked off and went for the plunge.

The next thing that never ever happens is…



A choir of angels sing “Alleluia….Alleluia….”

And mama started cooking French food!

If you don’t have the Julia Child cookbook (Chicken Breast with Mushroom Cream Sauce) then here is the online recipe!

So turn on some French music  ( Pandora is what I use) and list to my favorite is “La Vie En Rose,” and have a glass of wine! Or Two!


Sautéed shallots (or onion) in butter! It smelled so amazing, can I say is there anything better than butter? If a we have a meteorite heading towards earth, I would spend our last days cooking French dinner foods….and desserts.

WINE…wine is amazing! Maybe I should have been French.


Look at those bad boys, thought the smell of Butter and Shallots did the trick…add some Mushrooms!

Side note: I ended up having Stuffing Mushroom size in the fridge…I loved them so much better than the “normal” size mushrooms…they didn’t shrink down to nothing! 

You can never have too many mushrooms…sauteed mushrooms that is!

Another side note: Julia says “Don’t crowd your mushrooms otherwise they will not brown properly.” 


Before cooking my Chicken Breast, I had them marinating in Buttermilk with some salt; this is not a step that the recipe calls for you to do…

BUT…I always marinate my Chicken Breast in Buttermilk prior to baking in the oven…grilling…broiling…however you cook them.

About ten minutes before I cooked them…I drained them in a strainer for a few minutes so the excess amount of Buttermilk drains off. Then I added Salt & Pepper on both sides.


My Chicken Breasts were quite large and thick so I cooked them for about 15 to 17 minutes on each side with a lid on it. I used my moms Dutch Oven….it works amazing!

If you use a Dutch Oven please be careful, I think they cook your food a lot quicker…

I just love a Dutch Oven…everyone needs one!


When I made my cream sauce I transported everything out of my Dutch Oven once I removed the cooked Chicken Breast!

I used Cream Sherry for my alcohol….and I prayed it would taste as good and to my surprise the Mushroom Cream Sauce was amazing!

Almost as good a cheese sauce….


This recipe is absolutely amazing (with the sound of cheerleader cheering amazing in my mind). This recipe is a keeper!

Who wants to come for dinner?

So thanks Julia Child!

My very first recipe was a success!

As for my sides: I did a side salad and a Sweet Potatoes!

You can purchase the cook book here! There are two volumes, I am only in possession of the first volume, but in the future I would love to have the second volume!

**The blue- bold print are links, this is not a sponsored post.**

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