John Legends Breakfast Sandwich

“Mmmmm…” …..”yeah so good…” ……..”where have you been all my life”…and quite possibly make your toes curl..because of you John Legend and your breakfast sandwich. If you read any of previous posts I may have mentioned that I am not much a breakfast eater….coffee please! These days I am finding myself with more time on my hands than I have ever anticipated; so I figured why not cook my way through Chrissy Teigens cookbook “Cravings.”

What makes me chose a recipe over another one…is if I have all the ingredients at hand, but I didn’t with this one. So this mama was making a special trip up to the local grocery store to purchase everything that I didn’t already have.

First things first make up your sausage patties; ground pork, minced garlic, vegetable oil, ground sage, red pepper flakes, salt , black pepper and the star of the show for me light brown sugar. I was seriously creating magic on my stovetop at 8am the other morning; both dogs were at my feet worshiping the stove…..and me. In hopes that something would jump out of my cast iron skillet and land at their feet.

Once the patties were cooked all the way through I topped them with Cheddar cheese, and if you don’t have a cast iron skillet I highly recommend purchasing one.

I popped the English muffins in the toaster…and fried up an egg. Honestly speaking I don’t think I can fully get past the texture of a dippy egg…they kind of give me the heebies; so I created a happy medium fried egg…ever so slightly runny, lets just say the yoke wasn’t oozing all over the place.

This breakfast sandwich turned out to be the Mac Daddy of all breakfast sandwiches topped with Sriracha (I put mine in a cup); I honestly don’t think I ever felt so breakfast satisfied before. I am proud to say that something has won me over in the breakfast department and has made it into my “must keep recipes.” John Legend you are so good and I can definitely see why Chrissy loves this breakfast oh so much; it has the right moves.

Here is where you can find the recipe for John’s Breakfast sandwich.

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