Dandelion Wishes & Links

I read a quote this week about Dandelion flowers “some will look at these flowers as a weed; and others will look at them as wishes.” At almost 32 years old I will still blow on these flowers and make a wish; it’s just who I am. The past week has been really hard; everything hit at once..last week my one tooth decided it wanted to flair up, so I made a call to my endodontist and he immediately slapped me on antibiotics and steroids. If you’re anything like me that combination is deadly, it makes me so moody and very sensitive; I cried watching The Office. Then while on a run I twisted my ankle chasing after Whiskey, that was chasing after a rabbit at the park, because me yelling her name wasn’t good enough..so lets twist our ankle and step in someone elses dog shit. If that wasn’t enough for one day, I walked around with a hole in my pants in a very unpleasant area, then dropped my berries at the grocery store parking lot. And I’m sorry to say, none of those things was the icing on cake for last week, it just continued to snowball and get worse.

Now onto some links:

I have been eyeing this t-shirt, once they get more sizes in I will be ordering one.

This dress from Amazon I bought is amazing. It’s so cute, comfy and can be dressed up or down. I think I might need another color. And it fits perfectly to size.

I bought this shirt, it’s so airy…lightweight. Also true to size as well.

This cookbook looks pretty amazing! I love cookbooks!!

I love Hilarie Burton (One Tree Hill)…she has a new book out, I may have to grab it. She and Sophia Bush are best friends; and they are both great people. My Sophia is actually named after Sophia Bush, that’s how my daughter got her name.

I hope everyone has a really good weekend.

Coming up next week:

I bought all the ingredients to make this two weeks ago for someone, but never got the opportunity to do it. So it’s on the menu for next week.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

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