Summer Plans

I woke up this morning feeling really really good; and I can’t exactly pin point why… but really good. I threw on my running gear…..then Whiskey and I did 5 miles. I was sweaty…hot…. on this chilly Pittsburgh morning…and in dire need of a shower, but it was wonderful feeling.

On my run I started doing a lot of thinking about this upcoming summer and what I have planned, and with everything that is going on it’s really hard to “plan.” Typically Sophia and I spend a lot of nights at Kennywood (local amusement park), but I am unsure if Kennywood is even going to be open. Two summers ago we got Sandcastle passes, but quite honestly public pools kind of give me the heebies if I think about it too much; I think we only went down to Sandcastle a handful of times. So, we are not doing Sandcastle passes, even if it is open.

So if social distancing is still a “thing,” my summer plans are:

  1. There’s this strip along the parkway, that you see people roller blading..running…etc..I love to roller blade (haven’t done it in years) it would be so much fun to roller blade next to the river.
  2. Just get up and go. I love being spontaneous; I don’t like having every aspect of my life planned out. So it’s nothing out of the ordinary for me to go for late night drives. Just jump on the parkway…turnpike and go. With snacks of course, what is a late night drive without snacks.
  3. Hiking, but with tons and I mean tons of bug spray. There are plenty of spots around the Pittsburgh area that look very promising.
  4. The drive-in. I love going to the movies, I think it’s seriously one of my favorite things to do, but the drive-ins are just as awesome. You’re outside (with bug spray)..some people bring lawn chairs…blankets..etc.
  5. I really want to spend a lot of time outside and try to have as much fun as possible.

Now if things happen to go back to more a”normal” state:

  1. Kennywood with Sophia of course, but I am actually dying to go with another adult, because it’s been YEARS since I have rode anything that makes my heart race. I think it’s been about close to ten years. A weekend at Cedar Point would be pretty awesome, I have never been there.
  2. Maybe try to go camping aka “glamping,” I require a shower…bed….sleeping in a sleeping bag on dirt does nothing for many mosquitos and other creepy crawlers..that can crawl in your mouth…all over your body….bite your ass. Oh the mental visual I have isn’t pretty.
  3. Bon Fire…this is my summer love language right here. Nothing gets better than sitting around a bon fire…few beers..and being around other people. It’s like summer magic. I can totally pass on the s’mores…and ust get me a burnt marshmallow.
  4. Basically have fun and laid-back summer, it’s been quite the year and I am craving “normalcy,” as much as possible. I think everyone is.

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