Sesame Chicken Noodles

“How you feeling……”….”how you feeling…hot……”- sung by Merrymen that had me singing. Meeee oooooh my…THIS! This right here had my taste buds singing….Chrissy Teigen you did it to me once again, I mean your cookbook brings by cooking to a completely different of level of hot and fun. I am finding myself cooking outside of my comfort zone; using ingredients that I never take a second glance at the grocery store. For instance Tahini; I thought it was something that went into those fun beachy drinks….but I couldn’t have been anymore wrong; then I couldn’t find it at the grocery…that was fun; but I ended up buying a big bottle of Tahini…and Sriracha, because why not, anything worth doing is worth doing right.

“Taaaaheeeeneeee with the big weeeenieeee” ……(Erics feenie call once again from Boy Meets World…YOUTUBE FEENIE CALL 31 SECONDS IN IS MY FAVORITE)….sometimes I really wonder about my sense of humor and how it probably didn’t mature past the age of a 9 year old boy. I really think cooking brings it out in me; it’s just a crazy passion that makes me insanely happy and challenges me which I like. Baking on the other hand is more of an exact science that brings out the more serious side of me, but cooking is more freeing…

On another note…I never realized how much damn chicken I eat, I’m surprised at this point in my life I am not clucking.

If there is one wish I could have granted, it would to be wave my magic wand….snap my fingers…whatever floats your boat and have this Sesame Chicken Noodles drop out of thin air…land on your lap…dinner table….tonight. You need this….you will love this….


You have to like spicy food….I mean…..HAVE TO LIKE SPICY FOOD….

In this spicy……bad boy…we have Peanut Oil, Sesame Oil, Tahini, Soy Sauce, Red Wine Vinegar, Chili Oil, Honey, Cayenne Pepper, Garlic, Scallions, Chicken, and noodles.

But I am really happy to announce that there was absolutely no Willie Chicken for dinner.

I am not lying when I tell you that I love spicy food, of course I added cracked pepper.


I personally absolutely loved it…at this point I believe I will be adding every recipe to my “must keep,” memory file bank, I have yet to come across a recipe that I don’t like. There is one that I am really interested in making because it is something that I would never contemplate making; lets just say this soup might be accompanied with burgers…just in case.

Like I said I loved this pasta…as for my family….my step-dad Mike…had to rinse his noodle off a bit and said “it would be better if there was a red sauce slightly covering the pasta.” After every bite he kept saying “oooooooooo….” I made his poor cheeks turn red. My mom kept saying “boy this is a hot one….Mike your ass is going to be singing tonight.”

However I didn’t dare to even give Sophia any…she had spaghetti, she doesn’t like anything with the slightest spice to it; so not my child. I will not be making it again for the family, but my spicy food eating friends…yes, this one is for you.

I had a good amount of left overs…more than I thought I was going too; so I dropped some off to my neighbor…he likes spicy food and his wife doesn’t. She of course thank me and said “now I don’t have to cook for him tonight.” I have really bad hangups with chicken…I can’t do reheated chicken…just can’t do it; so off to my neighbor it went.


Here is the link to this Sesame Chicken Noodle Recipe.

PS: Add scallions to a sandwich it will change your life…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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