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I am hitting a really tough streak; and none of it I saw coming; but do we ever? On May 4th I had to put my dog Jimmy down; I’ve had him for 7 years. The day before we traveled up North a bit to a local Petco to get his annual vaccinations; but when the doctor listened to his breathing she said “I am afraid if I administer these shot, he will go into cardiac arrest.” I remember that feeling of “punch in the gut,” honestly though I knew his time was becoming limited but sometimes the confirmation of something makes it harder. He is the second dog that I had that died from Congestive Heart Failure; but he was my first “adult dog” and boy did I love him. He could do no wrong in my eyes. Jimmy was the sweetest dog in the world…if he liked you, but to my sister she called him little lucifer; he wasn’t too fond of her for some reason. He waited for me to get home if I was out late, always ready to cuddle, always the first one in line for treats and he loved his sweaters. He was just my little man.

On May 4th, I just dropped Whiskey off at local dog camp for an intro day, that morning I knew I had to make the dreaded phone call, so I felt as if I was putting it off. Around 9:30 I called his vet and made the appointment; then balled in my car at a gas station. The hardest part was I could not be there with him as they put him down because of Covid; at 6:30 I pulled up to the vets parking lot and made another dreaded call…telling them I was there.

My last moments with him were very bittersweet, because as much as it hurt to let him go…I knew I was doing the right thing. After I got off the phone; he crawled onto my lap and cuddled for the last time. As crazy as this sounds I sang “you are my sunshine,” to him; he loved it when I would sing it to Sophia, he would appear out of no where and lay right next to us. He sat up, gave me one last kiss on my cheek; right when this happened the vet tech knocked on my car window, Jimmy jumped off my lap; and walked away with his tail up. He was not scared, he walked in their as if he lived there. By the time I got home, Jimmy was gone the vet called and said that he wasn’t going to live much longer and I made the best decision for him.

The rest of the night, there was this weird calm and relaxation feeling in the air; it is really hard to explain. Sophia took the news pretty well, she knew it was sick, but for a five year old she took it really well. Whiskey on the other hand is in mourning; her tail is tucked, she isn’t being her normal playful-crazy self and there isn’t anything I can do.

Jimmy was well loved and will always be loved and missed; the only thing that is helping me is knowing that he is no longer in any discomfort, he will always be my little man.

Now onto links:

My favorite bra, the material is really soft; there is not a lot of padding which I love. Very true to your size, I am a C cup; so it fits perfectly.

My favorite sports bra, it holds everything when I am running, I NEVER have to stop to adjust anything. You can adjust the straps to however lose or tight and there is also the bra strap hooks you can adjust to. If you run, this is your go-to sports bra.

This dress, I love it. I am absolutely a walking ad for Target these days, there isn’t to many places to chose from at this point; but I am slowly updating my wardrobe. I am about 5 ‘4.5—to 5’5 on a good day, so this dress hits slightly below my knees.

Omg these jeans, I am not a jeans girl, but I have been getting the itch to get a pair for about a couple of weeks. I love them, they are comfy, I can move in them: the only issue is I wish the legs were a tad shorter, but I have no other complaints.

This shirt, I recently bought it off Amazon, don’t let the photo scare you; it’s a low cut shirt, but not as low as it appears. Maybe because I don’t have much to show off that doesn’t make it so….in your face; I got more junk in the truck if you know what I mean. The material is really soft, I don’t like super low shirts. Have to leave room for imagination. πŸ˜‰

I bought this bathing suit top from Target, in black and aqua. It has adjustable straps, no underwire.

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