Everything is in Transition

It’s been a hot minute since I have posted anything; July has been intense around the house. Since Co-vid really hit here in March, and we were sent into quarantine, my mom has been working from home. She has decided to give the house a major update; we looked at furniture online for three months straight; it was to the point that I was starting to wonder if anything was ever going to be purchased.


We went from not purchasing anything for three months straight to….4 trips up to a local furniture store to buying a new kitchen table with chairs, couch and an accent chair, new fireplace, a new credenza, to all being delivered within a few weeks of each other.

I’m not done…

We are replacing some doors, taking down decor and filling the holes, cleaning out stuff we don’t like, want, or need…all before the 17th before Jack our painter comes. So within the next few weeks everything is going to look different. My mom said she is going for a more sleek and modern set-up (which is my favorite- I don’t like a lot of clutter) . Mike is just going with the flow and completing his honey-doo list.

Oh and new curtains…and standing lamp…I honestly feel like I am forgetting something; ordering has been a constant around here. Feels like Christmas with deliveries on a every other day basis.

On another note; I am in transition with another job; I have not told my current job because I am unsure how everything is going to pan out with the new school year. If the kids don’t go back to school I am keeping my current job until the schools open up fully. For the past few days I have been getting my PA clearances done and out of the way and filling out a bunch of paperwork on top of everything else.

This week has been getting to me on a more personal level, I have been off for a few days now. My appetite has been off, nothing is sounding good to eat at all; well not my normal food at least. I don’t want any carb food like pasta, no mexican food, no meat at all. It’s like all I want is to eat vegetarian style(I can’t eat enough fish), spicy food or breakfast food and purple grapes. I am not a breakfast eater; I just ate french toast for breakfast for the second day in a row. I am just really frustrated with myself; so I am going to stay calm and positive and ride this “weirdness,” out. I do get in a weird funk every summer with my appetite so this doesn’t really surprise me; it just seems more intense this time around.

However I have not gone running this week; it’s been insanely hot and I am not waking up early to go running; plus I am in dire of new tennis shoes; they’re kind of like a bald tire on the bottom; and I am starting to feel rocks when I step on them. I think it’s safe to say I need to go buy new shoes; I am not much of a shopper so it’s not something I get excited over.

There is this feeling that my life is in full transition mode- which I definitely welcome. Something has been playing in the back of my mind for a little while now; and I am unsure how to go about it, what I should do or out the outcome could be. This is where my indecisiveness kicks in, but I am certain everything will work the way it should.

Although my life seems to be a tad bit intense at the moment; but in the most positive way of course; Sophia is making the best of her summer that she possibly can. She has been playing with the little girl J’da down the street most afternoons into the mid evenings and the two little boys about twice a week; when their grandparents watch them. I am finding that my house is the “snack house,” we have more bottled water than most grocery stores have on their shelves; and snacks. I shop at Sams Club and buy variety snacks for the kids; a must-have are veggie chips, it’s my healthier version of a potato chip for them. Besides the snacks, I am noticing that I am the “cool-off,” house..meaning..when they get over heated they go straight down in to the gameroom, turn on the tv…video games whatever they want to do. All us parents have each others numbers so when keep a group texting session going at all times to keep the communication open.

In this season of parenting, I am finding that I am currently in the stage of “mom you’re embarrassing me.” Come again? There’s this little boy named Finn down the street; the sweetest little boy in the world. He is about 3 years older than Sophia; the one day he came knocking on the front door asking to play with Sophia; I told him I will send her down when she’s done with breakfast. Immediately Sophia asked “is that Finn?” and as I was answering her she said “mom you have to make me look real cute..okay….” so you know what that prompted me to do….”oh you want to look cute for Finn; you like him…awww…so cute!” I couldn’t help it; as innocent as her response was; back in the day when I was 6 boys had cooties, in fact they probably still do…well maybe some. But at 6 I am pretty sure I was sporting a unibrow on top of everything else; right before braces happened too, I am painting you a pretty picture huh lol? So Sophia put on a navy pair of shorts that come right about her knee; a sparkly shirt in rainbow that said “gamer girl,” a headband that has 2 pink and blue fuzzy striped balls on each side (I think they’re supposed to be bear ears)…and her pink glitter sunglasses that has a butterfly on the side of the frame. She was all decked out in color; Finn wasn’t going to loose her.

All in all we are trying to make the best of the summer; considering there really isn’t to much to do; everything is closed. Kennywood opens up this week, but you have to wear a mask; I don’t have any plans on going this year.

I do have a really good salad recipe to share; I have been wanting to share it for sometime now but haven’t gotten around to it.

Have a good weekend!

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