Hi I am Sarah Chavis- welcome to my side of the world! I am currently residing in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pa with my daughter Sophia and two dogs Big Jim and Whiskey also known as Biscuits. During my spare time when I am not working, in class or chasing Sophia around I am cooking. I love to cook; like real cook…with real ingredients..and with real butter. Gasp..we don’t calorie count here. When I am not cooking and sharing it with everyone I know, I am trying to plan my next day trip or vacation; my mom always says I have that “gypsy blood,” running through my veins.

During my downtime you could most likely find me running with Whiskey, watching The Office series on Netflix or trying to maintain my small sugar cookie business. Oh and somewhere in between have a social life.

Here on my site you will find a wide range of cooking and baking recipes along with some traveling posts as well. Occasionally you will find a DIY project that I can assure you that was accompanied with a big glass of wine; and that most likely almost resulted in a Etsy purchase. And I may throw some lifestyle posts your way too; so basically over here you’ll find a little bit of everything.