Missy’s Pumpkin Bread


About a year ago I was searching for a really good Pumpkin Bread, and I came across¬†this¬†recipe made by ‘youtuber’ Missy Lanning. I made it and ever since then it has landed in my recipe box. Two weeks ago I had a huge craving for something Pumpkin and considering it wasn’t that wonderful time of year for “everything pumpkin,” I instantly ran to my recipes and pulled out Missy’s Pumpkin Bread.

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On the side!


Yummy Corn Casserole!! I was first introduced to this recipe when Adrian and I were living down in North Carolina three years ago. It was the first time I have ever had it..and loved it! It is a side dish that goes well with chicken or any kind of grilled meat. Adrians mom Ms. Lucy gave me this recipe so I figured I would bring a southern side dish to the table one night. And the best part is, it is super easy to make!

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