Charcuterie Platter


Growing up I was told to never go over to someones house empty handed, especially if someone was having you over for dinner. One of my favorite things to bring to a dinner party or a holiday party is a Charcuterie Platter.

Tis’ the season of holiday parties I thought this would be a great opportunity to share with you; how to make the best Charcuterie Plate.

Charcuterie is actually one of my favorite ways to eat. If you like cheese, fruit, crackers or French Baguette, salami and nuts then you will enjoy this!

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Top 5 Lip Glosses in my Make-Up Bag


When it comes to make-up I am definitely not a professional, but I love it. If you were to come over to my house right now, I bet you I am not wearing any. But I love lip gloss and lipstick, they’re my favorite to shop for.

I believe it can dress up any outfit.

Naturally I wear more pink and neutral shades of lip gloss, but it definitely doesn’t stop me from wear a bolder shade. I love a bold lip..I always have.

I remember as a child my mom rockin’ a bold red lip, I believe that is where my love for a bold lip started. It looked so classic on her.

My Top 5 Lip Glosses:


Starting with the top:

  1. Buxom in Nicole– I am fairly new to this brand. This is probably the most pigmented lip gloss I own. What I really love about this shade is that it gives you more color to your lips, for those days you want to spice things up a bit. Or if you need more color to your face…or even jazz up an outfit. Buxom Lip Gloss is also a plumper lip gloss, so it is a little sticky and it does tingle when applied to your lips. Honestly though I don’t see a difference in my lips which I fine by me. What I love is that the glossiness of my lips and it really lasts.
  2. Nars in Super Orgasm– If you are looking are a pinky color without it being hot pink, then this is your color. This color is so beautiful, it adds a little pop of color. It is not full coverage, but a sheer lip gloss.
  3. Tarteist Lip Gloss Paint in Goals–  If you are in the market for a nude lip gloss, then this bad boy will meet all your needs. It’s beautiful. This beauty can go with any outfit or even a bold eye. Definitely won’t make you look washed by any means. What I love most about this lip gloss is that; it’s a creamy texture, no stickiness…and I can wear it all year around. It looks awesome on tanned skin or natural color skin. This is a winner in my book.
  4. Buxom in Sophia– This is probably my ideal pink color on lips, probably because when I wear it, it looks really natural up against my lips. It’s practically the same color of my lip. I think anyone can get away with this color and look beautiful on them. This lip gloss goes everywhere with me, it is my go to shade!
  5. Bare Minerals Marvelous in Moxie This is a sample color that I received for purchasing some Bare Mineral products in the past. This shade is a tad bit more pigmented than the Buxom in Sophia. Let me just say that this lip gloss smells amazing, ‘pepperminty’ scented. It does give a slightly tingly sensation on your lips, but it feels nice and refreshing.

** Brands and name of lip gloss in blue are links. This is not a sponsored post**

These shades of lip gloss would make an awesome stocking stuffer for christmas!


I am selecting one winner to win one of my favorite lip glosses! 

The rules:

  1. Comment what is your favorite childhood holiday memory and what state you live in.

**Contest Ends Monday December 12th and will be announced December 13th**

Oh Christmas Tree..


Growing up we always had a white Christmas Tree. I remember the reactions of friends when they saw our tree. Many were astonished that our Christmas Tree is white rather than green.

So I always knew one day I was going to have my own white Christmas Tree.

Typically I always have a ton of ornaments on our tree, but this year we brought out the non-breakables.

Sophia little hands seem to be in everything in a matter of two seconds.

Not that I blame her…I mean she’s exploring her boundaries.

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Mint Hot Chocolate


I am kicking this season off with Mint Hot Chocolate. I stumbled across this recipe off of Pinterest several years ago. I believe I saved it to my “must try food folder,” never actually  got around to making it.

The intention was there.

The other night at Target I was searching for an Advent Calendar and I came across one that just so happens to be my background in the photo above.

I have no decorations up yet…except for Sophia’s Advent Calendar…so it’s definitely serving a purpose!

On December 1st I made Sophia her first Mint Hot Chocolate!

Did she try it? No.

She said “ew no mama.” I wasn’t expecting that reaction! I think it was the green color…


So not judging by Sophia’s reaction…the drink was really good…sweet…and oh so easy to make. A great holiday accent!

What You Need: 

2 Cups of Milk                                                          1 tsp. Peppermint Extract

2 Cups of Half & Half                                             Few drops of Green Food Coloring

1/2 bag of White Chocolate Chips                      Crushed Andes Candies & Whipped Cream


  1. Heat Milk and Half & Half in a pot over medium heat; be careful not to burn it.
  2. Add White Chocolate Chips..stirring constantly.
  3. Add Peppermint Extract, then add your few drops of food coloring
  4. Andes Candies and Whipped Cream for garnish (optional)


Milk and Half & Half are heating up. I stirred mine quite frequently.


Then I added the White Chocolate Chips. Please stir it constantly…you don’t want to burn the milk of chocolate.


I put the Peppermint Extract in the mixture. Stir…then I immediately added the Green Food Coloring. I also found that 8 drops of the Green Food Coloring was the perfect mint color.


Mix the food coloring until well combined. At this point your Hot Chocolate should be hot. If not let it heat up a little bit more…if it’s hot take it off the heat!


Garnish if you desire an extra kick!


What do you look forward to the most this time of the year?

Any recipes you would like me to make this holiday season?

Any fun weekend plans?

I’m ‘nebby,’ aka noisy… just throwing in some Pittsburgh lingo…