Homemade Vanilla Steamers


When I was pregnant with Sophia I completely cut out caffeine, except for when I dealt  with morning sickness..I did allow myself non-caffeinated Ginger Ale.

I am personally not a huge coffee drinker, I think that I may have two cups a week..maybe. So, cutting it out during pregnancy was not an issue.

If I met some friends at Starbucks for a coffee date, I was really stumped as to what to drink at the time. Until someone told me about Vanilla Steamers.

Then I had a Starbucks pregnancy drink!

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Candy Corn Inspired Drinks!


I love candy corn..wait let me rephrase that. I love the way candy corn looks, but I really dislike the way it tastes. I love the way it looks in a candy dish..maybe even used as a decoration on a cake.

They’re adorable, but I personally don’t eat them.

I thought it would be really fun to do a Candy Corn inspired drink. Non-alcoholic of course, but I am pretty sure we could make it a little more fun! But we are making it kid friendly this time!

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Tropical Sunset Drinks


I am a total avid youtube watcher, it’s a serious addiction. I have been following a few channels for quite sometime now, but one of my favorite channels is called HeyKayli. I just love her, she is so crafty and down -to -earth. If I was a ‘youtuber,’ I would want a channel like hers.

The other day I saw she made some non-alcoholic tropical drinks with her two kids. And I thought “I have to make those for Sophia.” Considering we only have about a month left of summer these drinks are perfect way to celebrate the season a little bit longer.

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Homemade Ice Tea


Tis’ the season for homemade iced tea. As far back as I could remember once spring made its grand appearance, so did this drink to our dinner table. Ever since I was taught how to make it I honestly can not stop. I want to try all kind of variations of iced tea this summer, but I figured that it would be in everyones’ best interest to start with a basic iced tea.

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