Mini Quiches & a Ninja

Rain. I can not express how much I feel like Pittsburgh has gotten over the last couple of days. Cold. I can not express how cold it has been in Pittsburgh recently. Have I mentioned it is supposed to be Spring. With it being cold and rainy that last couple of days having and very active toddler couped up in the house is not exactly ideal, especially since Sophia is a nature girl and we just got over winter. So, I decided to take her to a local Jump n’ Bounce, which she loves! And in the end we both end of having a blast.

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Easy Avocado Breakfast

Easy Avocado Breakfast


I came across this recipe sometime last summer and absolutely loved it! I love avocado, which was not always the case. I remember once years ago when I was in Hawaii horse back riding down a mountain and at the end the instructors gave us these loaded sandwiches. And on them was slices of avocado. I remember not being thrilled about the avocado, picking it off and stuffing them inside of my napkin. I did not want to offend the instructors that made us the sandwiches. Now, many years later I now have a new love for avocados, if I could just teleport back in time when I threw my avocados away I would eat mine and then steal my brothers. If you like avocados and eggs why not give this super easy recipe a try for breakfast or a snack. On the bright side it is also gluten free!

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