Answering your questions.

Last week I posted on my Instagram one of those question things in my stories; and since it’s been a week that I put Jimmy down I thought it would be fun to answer 10 questions I received; and 5 truths request. So lets just into it…..

  1. You’ve been silent the last couple of weeks on your Instagram stories, are you ok? still running?Life updates? Yeah, I have been good. Definitely still running, when I put Jimmy down I took a few days off, but I think it rained most days that week. Feels like a blur, but I am still running. However I am dying for the rain to stop a bit, I get that it is Spring, but I am really wanting to go on more hikes. Find more running places around Pittsburgh. There really isn’t any major life updates, I am finally getting the feeling that things are slowly leveling out; which I am absolutely grateful for. Trust me on that one. Really I am not a huge social media person; I do go through spells where I am more active on it than other times. I just can’t keep up with it.
  2. I saw you made ice cream on your blog; what’s your favorite store bought or local ice cream? Favorite? Hmm. I like a lot of flavors. You can’t go wrong with straight vanilla. Ben & Jerrys Cherry Garcia; is amazing; but locally there is a place down in Bloomfield, Pa..that has my ultimate, Chocolate Almond, not to many places make it. I am really not picky lol.
  3. Favorite way to eat pizza? Hmm. Pepperoni and Mushroom, and I am not opposed to Olives. I don’t care for sausage on a pizza. No anchovies!
  4. What are you currently watching? I have to finish The Office, The Walking Dead from the beginning; they are best episodes. I swear I can smell Darryl through the tv screen.
  5. Do you believe in second chances? Yeah I do. People can really mess up; we’re human you know.
  6. Is there a couple that you look up too? Yeah my mom and step-dad, they have a really good marriage. I believe they only dated for 8 months and now have been married for 27 years. I am not saying their marriage is perfect, but they just compliment each other so well. A lot of the nights when I am laying in bed I just hear them laughing at whatever they are watching tv. It’s when you have that connection is great.
  7. Favorite book? Hands down….Catcher and the Rye and maybe The Great Gatsby is second.
  8. I can’t believe you watched 21 & Over; doesn’t seem like your sense of humor? I feel as if a lot of people take me to be really serious all of the time; maybe that is just how I come off. Not sure, but I have a pretty good sense of humor; American Pie movies are some of my favorite to watch. My sisters brother Paul (Whodunit as he goes by should explain it), who I have known my entire life practically since I was about 4, he’s always posting crazy stuff on Facebook…some of it I’m like “oh god Paul that’s nasty,” then there are times I am in tears laughing. I grew up watching Jim Carrey movies, Adam Sandler, Mr. Bean, etc.
  9. If you a 100 million dollars what would you do with it? 100 million, I can’t fathom that type of money, but for shits and giggles….I would take care of my family and friends; they would be debt free and never have to work again. I would put Sophia, my nieces and nephews through any kind of schooling they would want. I would definitely get into charity work, you have to give back….you have too. The world is ugly enough as is, and if you have the means to make it better for someone else why not? As for myself…I know I would travel and I’m not quite sure what else. Money doesn’t impress me at all; I’ve watched how ugly it can be, and I think that’s why if I had it…I would give to help others.
  10. What is the biggest fear of getting remarried? Will you ever get remarried? Anymore Kids?Geesh, this is a serious one. I think my biggest fear is not knowing the person as much as I thought I did, and I fear that stems back from my first marriage. I thought I knew everything about my ex-husband; like those life-altering facts, but the truth is…I didn’t know him at all. I was with him for about 3 years before we married; lived with him prior to being married etc. I don’t expect perfection from anyone. Then the rug was ripped from under me every which was possibly. I remember thinking “who the F did I marry?” because the person I thought I knew and trusted wasn’t that person at all. When everything was said and done I had to rebuild my life from the bottom up, literally from scratch. The only thing in my marriage that didn’t happen was physical abuse, but I believe that was the next step if I would have stayed. Most people can say “I cheated,” and that’s what ended our marriage etc, but there was other women, there was drug abuse, disappearing acts, etc. It was ugly, a marriage I wouldn’t wish upon someone I strongly dislike. Remarried? Sure, I mean it couldn’t get any worse the the first one lol, but I don’t want to get married tomorrow; I really want to get to know someone first. You learn a lot from your past, but you can’t let you past dictate your future, it’s so unfair to you. You have to let that shit go it will destroy you. Plus I have Sophia, so it makes it a little different this time around. I want to be with someone that I can have fun with but also be serious with at the same time; life is to damn short not to enjoy it. Anymore kids? This is always a favorite one. As of now I am done, I”m hitting 32 soon, and I honestly don’t know. I will say this….I would be open to it if my partner is open to it, but it’s not a deal breaker if we wouldn’t want anymore. I love other peoples babies!

5 Truths

  1. I love to paint (not walls).
  2. I hate ice.
  3. I actually wore two different types of black boots to a funeral once. One was a pointed toe and the other was a pointed square toe and didn’t notice till I got home that night. Same height though.
  4. I tried to get back into wood – burning and absolutely HATED it.
  5. I am really good with knots….I can get anything out of a knot. You know that scene from National Lampoon Christmas Vacation when Chevy Chase gives Rusty that big ball of Christmas lights to untangle. I can probably get that out in no time. It’s weird.