Defeated by Gardening Rascals Part.2


Okay. I wish I could tell you that we have given up on growing broccoli..given up on our thirty pound porker and just moved on. But that is not the case. We are desperate to catch this groundhog. If you have not read the first post I recommend you do, you can find it hereĀ Defeated by Gardening Rascals.

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Defeated by Gardening Rascals


Does anyone have this issue? Our groundhog loves broccoli. Every year he comes out if we plant broccoli and eats it all, and leaves us with stems that sick out of ground. It never fails.

This year, we again planted broccoli thinking for some reason it would be any different than it has in the previous years. When I noticed that he was eating our broccoli I instantly grab my camera and take a photo. I then yell at him..he sees me… and bolts (taking his time).

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