Spring & Summer Flashback

We have officially entered my favorite season of all time…FALL….! I just love everything about this time of year, from the clothes, weather, food…just everything. If I could live in the fall season all year around, I would be absolutely happy. Personally speaking I do not like extreme hot or cold weather…that’s what makes fall perfect…

Except for today…we are welcoming fall weather with a high of 85 degrees and Sophia is sick, so with that in mind….it does not feel like fall, but I am hopeful in the coming weeks that the weather will be cooler.

Sophia woke up with a fever with no indication of the night before that she would be sick. I have been keeping her hydrated, she has no desire to eat anything and I am monitoring her fever…just hoping this Motrin kicks in soon..poor kid.

Anyways, I have decided to do a Spring and Summer roundup of unseen photos and links to older blog posts…

So let’s dig in…..

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My Favorite Cold Pasta


Long time…no blog post! Before I start talking about my favorite cold pasta in the world, I want to express to everyone that reads my blog & my followers thank-you for being so patient with me. I highly appreciate it. My life is changing, it is something that I am getting used too…slowly but it’s changing. But out of respect for my family I am not going to go into any further details.

In the future I do plan on blogging more and sharing with you, so if you could be a tad bit more patient with me I promise that I will be more consistent.

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