My Favorite Cheesy Potato Soup


Nothing seems to scream winter to me than soup. I am soup gal…I love it. I eat it a lot during the winter mostly, but it doesn’t stop me any other time of the year. There is always an excuse for me to cook soup…I will always find one..

It’s such a comfort food.

Panera makes the BEST Broccoli Cheddar Soup I simply have not conquered the Broccoli Cheddar scene yet..but I’m trying. Anyone have a to-die-for Broccoli Cheddar soup to share?

There was a Crock-Pot Potato Cheddar Soup circling the Facebook scene a couple months back that I wanted to try, but I have not had much luck with Facebook recipes. They normally turn out to be blah…

But let me say this…

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Emeril’s Wonton Soup


Every New Years Eve my family and I end up ordering Chinese for dinner. It’s tradition. We kick back and relax while feasting on all kinds of Chinese food. This year we decided to switch things up a bit and make Chinese ourselves.

My friend Charnaye stopped over for my moms Egg Rolls this year. I swear everyone will stop what they are doing to come over and have some. We are always more than willing so share. If you are interested in making my moms Egg Rolls, I did a blog post on it called Mama’s Homemade Egg Rolls. You won’t be ordering them out anymore!

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We had Soup for dinner!


One of my favorite parts about fall and winter is the amount of soup I seem to consume and cook. What gets me more excited other than eating soup is when I find a good slow-cooker recipe.

Sometimes I love the idea of throwing everything into a slow-cooker and allowing it to stew for hours! Especially on those days where you have a million and one places to go.

It just makes life a little simpler!

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