Everything is in Transition

It’s been a hot minute since I have posted anything; July has been intense around the house. Since Co-vid really hit here in March, and we were sent into quarantine, my mom has been working from home. She has decided to give the house a major update; we looked at furniture online for three months straight; it was to the point that I was starting to wonder if anything was ever going to be purchased.


We went from not purchasing anything for three months straight to….4 trips up to a local furniture store to buying a new kitchen table with chairs, couch and an accent chair, new fireplace, a new credenza, to all being delivered within a few weeks of each other.

I’m not done…

We are replacing some doors, taking down decor and filling the holes, cleaning out stuff we don’t like, want, or need…all before the 17th before Jack our painter comes. So within the next few weeks everything is going to look different. My mom said she is going for a more sleek and modern set-up (which is my favorite- I don’t like a lot of clutter) . Mike is just going with the flow and completing his honey-doo list.

Oh and new curtains…and standing lamp…I honestly feel like I am forgetting something; ordering has been a constant around here. Feels like Christmas with deliveries on a every other day basis.

On another note; I am in transition with another job; I have not told my current job because I am unsure how everything is going to pan out with the new school year. If the kids don’t go back to school I am keeping my current job until the schools open up fully. For the past few days I have been getting my PA clearances done and out of the way and filling out a bunch of paperwork on top of everything else.

This week has been getting to me on a more personal level, I have been off for a few days now. My appetite has been off, nothing is sounding good to eat at all; well not my normal food at least. I don’t want any carb food like pasta, no mexican food, no meat at all. It’s like all I want is to eat vegetarian style(I can’t eat enough fish), spicy food or breakfast food and purple grapes. I am not a breakfast eater; I just ate french toast for breakfast for the second day in a row. I am just really frustrated with myself; so I am going to stay calm and positive and ride this “weirdness,” out. I do get in a weird funk every summer with my appetite so this doesn’t really surprise me; it just seems more intense this time around.

However I have not gone running this week; it’s been insanely hot and I am not waking up early to go running; plus I am in dire of new tennis shoes; they’re kind of like a bald tire on the bottom; and I am starting to feel rocks when I step on them. I think it’s safe to say I need to go buy new shoes; I am not much of a shopper so it’s not something I get excited over.

There is this feeling that my life is in full transition mode- which I definitely welcome. Something has been playing in the back of my mind for a little while now; and I am unsure how to go about it, what I should do or out the outcome could be. This is where my indecisiveness kicks in, but I am certain everything will work the way it should.

Although my life seems to be a tad bit intense at the moment; but in the most positive way of course; Sophia is making the best of her summer that she possibly can. She has been playing with the little girl J’da down the street most afternoons into the mid evenings and the two little boys about twice a week; when their grandparents watch them. I am finding that my house is the “snack house,” we have more bottled water than most grocery stores have on their shelves; and snacks. I shop at Sams Club and buy variety snacks for the kids; a must-have are veggie chips, it’s my healthier version of a potato chip for them. Besides the snacks, I am noticing that I am the “cool-off,” house..meaning..when they get over heated they go straight down in to the gameroom, turn on the tv…video games whatever they want to do. All us parents have each others numbers so when keep a group texting session going at all times to keep the communication open.

In this season of parenting, I am finding that I am currently in the stage of “mom you’re embarrassing me.” Come again? There’s this little boy named Finn down the street; the sweetest little boy in the world. He is about 3 years older than Sophia; the one day he came knocking on the front door asking to play with Sophia; I told him I will send her down when she’s done with breakfast. Immediately Sophia asked “is that Finn?” and as I was answering her she said “mom you have to make me look real cute..okay….” so you know what that prompted me to do….”oh you want to look cute for Finn; you like him…awww…so cute!” I couldn’t help it; as innocent as her response was; back in the day when I was 6 boys had cooties, in fact they probably still do…well maybe some. But at 6 I am pretty sure I was sporting a unibrow on top of everything else; right before braces happened too, I am painting you a pretty picture huh lol? So Sophia put on a navy pair of shorts that come right about her knee; a sparkly shirt in rainbow that said “gamer girl,” a headband that has 2 pink and blue fuzzy striped balls on each side (I think they’re supposed to be bear ears)…and her pink glitter sunglasses that has a butterfly on the side of the frame. She was all decked out in color; Finn wasn’t going to loose her.

All in all we are trying to make the best of the summer; considering there really isn’t to much to do; everything is closed. Kennywood opens up this week, but you have to wear a mask; I don’t have any plans on going this year.

I do have a really good salad recipe to share; I have been wanting to share it for sometime now but haven’t gotten around to it.

Have a good weekend!

My Most Visited Websites and Items Purchased

This past Saturday I had some friends over for a very late Cinco de Mayo celebration. Every year we typically either go out for Cinco de Mayo or cook in; and with the current covid situation still taking over the world we opted to cook- in. My best friend Charnaye, whom I have known for seventeen years is always the party planner with me for Cinco de Mayo, we decide on the menu together and among other things as well. This is the first time we saw each other in three months…THREE MONTHS….but we obviously had a lot of catching up to do. We typically text daily but we en up saving a lot of topics for in-person discussions.

Did I mention she makes the BEST Pico de Gallo, it can make you cry it’s that good. I will have to get her recipe and share on here…knowing her as well as I do she probably doesn’t use a recipe.

During our party prep, we ended up discussing our favorite must-haves/repurchases/ and favorite websites to visit; which sparked the idea of sharing with you my list.

If you’re curious the food was a hit, and we ended the night surrounded by Citronella candles, listening to music, bon-fire, S’mores (which I don’t eat…I don’t like them)…margaritas…etc….and me climbing into bed at 3:30 am.

Get ready for THE LIST…..it’s a long one.

The websites I mostly visit:

Care Of– This is where I purchase all of my vitamins. What I love most about this company is that you initially take a quiz and it narrows the vitamins that you should take based upon your personalized quiz results. For myself I am severely anemic so Iron is always my main vitamin I take; and I also have a shellfish and Iodine allergy so those will be eliminated from vitamins or capsules that contain shellfish or Iodine.

J. Crew– I buy a lot of my t-shirts from this company. In the photo above I am wearing my favorite t-shirt from J.Crew, it’s quite perfect. The fabric is really soft and lightweight. If you’re anything like you don’t like to be uncomfortable….tugging at your clothing…or anything itchy etc.

The Small Things Blog– Kate she is like the internet friend I have never met; I am dying to meet her. I came across her blog with I was about 6 months pregnant with Sophia one afternoon- and I was hooked. I have been a loyal reader for 6 years now. What I like most about her blog is that I can relate to her style in fashion and makeup. We both are very similar. If you need advice on anything beauty related…visit her blog, she’s honest and you can’t go wrong.

Bev Cooks– My favorite “foodie,” blogger. She has one heck of a personality(always makes me laugh on Instagram) and her food is just looks amazing. I have to cook with her, she’s like the modern day Julia Child.

Elisabeth Ashlie– Meet Kate’s sister Lauren. She runs a super-cute jewelry website. I have bought a few pieces for special occasions and I still wear them to this day. A goal of mine when I am done with school; is to build my own home and I want Lauren to decorate it. She’s amazing.

And just like everyone else, Amazon is a weakness so I do shopping on their as well. Realistically I do more reading than anything else on the internet.

My Repurchases & Must haves:

My favorite toothpaste– Yes I am sharing with you my favorite toothpaste. I will switch between Colgate Optic White, but I think I still prefer Arm and Hammer Advanced White.

My favorite deodorant– I can’t use anything that smells like baby powder or anything extremely floral scented either. Plus I found that a lot of deodorants make my arm pits really itchy or burn. Toms so far has been the best.

Zen Party Mix by Archer Farms– Target has a great selection of party mixes, but this one is always my go-to. I really don’t care for the trail mixes that have sweets in them, but this one has a great crunch and Wasabi Peas…yumm.

Red Oil– Are you a mosquitos best friend? I have had my Red Oil for about 6 years, a little goes a long way. If you’re anything like me a mosquito bite can swell to the size of my palm if I don’t treat it right away. The scent of the Red Oil is awful and dissipates a couple minutes after use. It also takes away the itching…and keeps the mosquito bite swelling down.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion– My zit blaster! Works wonders. Another product that smells for the first couple of minutes then goes away. If my chin decides to grow a volcano, I will put this drying lotion on if I have just hanging around the house or before bed; the zit will be smaller and starting the drying-out-process.

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector– I have been blessed with dark circles, not real bad ones but enough that I need a little help. This corrector works wonders, this is probably the most used beauty product I use. A little goes a long way. Btw Becca is my favorite brand in make-up.

BareMinerals Bounce & Blur– This is my go-to makeup palette. It’s perfect. The colors are beautiful and it’s buildable! I have the tendency to do more of a natural eye than a more dramatic eye, but if I wanted a more dramatic eye this would be my palette to achieve that look.

Supergroup Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40– I have really sensitive skin, everything breaks me out. So when it comes to makeup I either buy BareMinerals or Becca, especially for products that go directly on my skin such as BB Cream or Blush. More importantly than make-up for me is skincare, I love it. I buy more skincare products than makeup, because quite honestly my skin is so fickle. No matter is I am wearing a full-face makeup or going natural for the day…whether it’s winter or summer I always start off with this sunscreen. It’s very lightweight…no harsh scent. And it doesn’t break me out.

Philosophy Fresh Cream Warm Cashmere– I believe this is the only lotion I own. Philosophy is my favorite brand for anything bath related from bath gel…to lotion. The brand is just amazing, their skincare line is just a great as well, but there Fresh Cream or Fresh Cream Warm Cashmere is my favorite. It’s lightweight..not overpowering, and it keeps my skin hydrated on my legs especially all day. I never reapply.

Stila Mascara– I have tried a bunch of different brands of mascara over the years, and I have found this Stila Mascara is my favorite. It’s seems that I like buildable make-up the most. This mascara is great because it doesn’t flake off into your eyes or under your eyes, great for contact wearers.

Seche Vite Top Coat– I do my own nails, very rarely do I go get them done professionally. This top coat gives you that gel-like finish, and I really keeps my nail polish from chipping. My typical at-home mani can last between 7 to 10 days without chipping when I use this top coat.

Drunk Elephant– This is my favorite brand when it comes to my skincare routine, it’s on the pricey side, but it works wonders for my skin. Virgin Marula Luxury Oil is a must-have in the winter, my skin get terribly dry especially about my jawline, chin and mouth. I have tried other products to help with the “dryness,” but others never seemed to work as well as this one. A little goes a long way so there is no need to cake it on. I buy their cleansing Juju bars in the traveling size, because it lasts me all year, I don’t use them everyday..mostly 2 to 3 times a week max.

My Apple Watch– This is definitely the most expensive item I have on my list, and what I like most is that it will last me the longest. I typically run, jog, walk, or power walk daily..depending on what my left ankle feels like allowing me to do. This keeps track of how many miles, calories burned etc. I have a sleep app on my watch that keeps track of the quality of sleep I get, because I am not the greatest sleeper in the world.

I think my list could go on and on forever, but these are the items that I repurchase the most, but most of these products are not purchased no more than twice a year. The most repurchased items I have is the toothpaste, deodorant, mascara, under eye brightener corrector.

**The bold/gold lettering are links- this is note a sponsored post.**